An Open Day and Job Fair, where all interested parties are welcome to visit Saegis Campus at Nugegoda, will be held on January 25th, 26thand 27th, 2019. Open Day will be held on all three days whilst the Job Fair will be held on 27th January, 2019 only. This will be a great opportunity for [...]


Open Day and Job Fair at Saegis Campus, Nugegoda On January 25, 26 and 27, 2019 Offers Great Opportunities


An Open Day and Job Fair, where all interested parties are welcome to visit Saegis Campus at Nugegoda, will be held on January 25th, 26thand 27th, 2019. Open Day will be held on all three days whilst the Job Fair will be held on 27th January, 2019 only. This will be a great opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing an academic or professional career as well as for those who are interested in meeting with potential employers who will be keen to meet with interested job seekers and to guide interested students of available opportunities in the market after completing a selected programmes of study.Those who attend the Job Fair seeking opportunities for employment are advised to bring a copy of their CVs and related certificates.

Academic staff will be there to advise the young people who will visit the Saegis Campus on the programmes(e.g. Business, IT, English, Foundation, etc.) available at the Saegis Campus and guide them in selecting a suitable path for their further studies. Availability of support programmes in preparation for higher studies such as certificate and diploma courses in English and IT will also be explained. The availability of representatives from various commercial and business establishments at the Job Fair will offer a great opportunity for the present and future job seekers.

Saegis Campus also has negotiated with several banks and arranged loan facilities for students with a view of assisting them to get on with their study programmes without a financial burden. Saegis staff at the Open Day will advise the interested students on these and other concessions available, such as easy payment methods. Also, Saegis Campus will offer up to 50% scholarships for the spot registrations during the three days of Open Day and Job Fair.

Saegis Campus is a government approved degree awarding academic institution with the state of the art teaching and learning facilities complemented with highly educated and experienced academic staff who are dedicated to provide the best service to the students. In addition to its own government approved degree programmes, Saegis Campus offers a range of degree programmes in affiliation with prestigious Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) of England. These affiliations are also a result of a thorough due diligence process which involved a detailed analysis of financial, academic and infrastructural capabilities of the Saegis Campus along with the student support and service measures that are provided to students.

The three programmes that are offered from September 2018 are two top-up programmes and an MBA programme. The two top-up programmes are BSc (Honours) in Business Management and BSc (Honours) in Computing, both are 120-credit one year programmes. The entry qualifications to these programmes are SQA HND Diplomas in relevant disciplines or other equivalent qualifications, which are acceptable to the University.

The Canterbury Christ Church University and Saegis Campus also deliver an MBA programme which includes six core modules andone optional moduleincluding a dissertation. Graduates with bachelor’s degrees with at least a second class or an equivalent qualification from recognised professional bodies such as CIM, CIMA and ACCA are eligible to join the MBA programme. A minimum of 2 years of post-qualifying experience is also required.`

The Purpose of the Saegis Campus as a leading non-state higher educational institute is to empower the future leaders of Sri Lanka and the region by providing necessary knowledge skills, industry exposure and the soft skills that are necessary for a student to develop as a well-rounded professional in addition to their theoretical knowledge. These objectives are achieved through delivery of various undergraduate and graduate academic programmes and student competence development programmes available at the Saegis Campus.

The Vision of the Saegis Campus is to be the preferred Higher Education provider in Sri Lanka. The Mission of the Saegis Campus isto create high caliber, well rounded, readily employable graduates with academic excellence, professional competence and high degree of morality. We deliver our services at an affordable cost and in caring and disciplined environment helping students unleash their maximum potential.

There are five main values the Saegis Campus upholds and trains its students on. They are: i) Student Centeredness, ii) Respecting Diversity, iii) Integrity and Ethics, iv) Transparency and Accountability, and v) Partnership and Innovation. Saegis Campus is geared to provide its students a total solution to their educational needs. Those who possess necessary Advanced Level qualifications can join our undergraduate programmes and proceed through the Master’s programmes and finally to a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Those who do not have the necessary Advanced Level qualifications, can join our foundation programme and on its successful completion can join the main pathway of studies.

Saegis Campus also run a “Study Abroad” department, which helps graduates of SQA HND programmes to study in foreign universities with appropriate exemptions and complete their Bachelor’s degrees. Saegis Campus has an agreement with Deakin University of Australia. SQA itself has negotiated articulation arrangements with over 70 or so universities throughout the world. Graduates of our SQA programmes accordingly can continue their studies in many foreign countries with exemptions claimed for their studies at Saegis Campus.

Saegis Campus has been working very diligently and professionally with the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) in offering their Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes in Business and Computer Science for last few years. In recognition of the excellent performance of the Saegis Campus in offering their programmes which reflects high quality and integrity of the delivery of programmes and student support, Saegis Campus was recognised as the Best International Centre of SQA at the recently held Annual SQA Star Awards Ceremony. This is a great testimony of the quality and standard of the teaching and learning efforts made by the Saegis Campus.
Saegis Campus offers its own programmes such as degree foundation programme, certificate and diploma programmes in English including Business English, Certificate programmes in Web Design and Development. Also, Saegis Campus has become an Accredited Study Centre of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), UK which was approved by European Marketing Confederation.

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