The Northwood Business degree programme offered at ANC is proof positive that geographic limitations don’t stop local students from earning top-notch qualifications. Northwood University (NU) is one of the top accredited (ACBSP) business schools in the world and committed to its mission to “develop leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs with character and skills to drive personal, [...]


ANC-Northwood partnership brings the best of both worlds

Earn World-class US Qualifications in Business at the Convenience of Completing the Full Degree in Sri Lanka!

The Northwood Business degree programme offered at ANC is proof positive that geographic limitations don’t stop local students from earning top-notch qualifications. Northwood University (NU) is one of the top accredited (ACBSP) business schools in the world and committed to its mission to “develop leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs with character and skills to drive personal, organisational, and societal success.”

Dr. Mamiko Reeves

Located in Michigan, the USA, NU has widened its participation in international higher education through its joint ventures in China, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Sri Lanka (ANC Education). Majority of ANC students seize the opportunity to earn their full degree in Sri Lanka, whereas some students transfer to Northwood’s main campus through ANC’s 2+2 and 3+1 US degree programmes.

A Conversation with Dr. Mamiko Reeves and Mr. Chathura Liyanage

Dr. Mamiko Reeves is the Assistant Vice President and Dean of International Programmes at Northwood University. Mr. Chathura Liyanage serves as the Academic Head of Northwood University programmes offered at ANC. A well-regarded academic with exceptional professional experience, Mr. Chathura, together with Dr. Mamiko and ANC’s top management, is dedicated to ensuring that the academic activities at ANC are guided and defined by Northwood philosophy and ANC’s mission to give the best opportunity for local students to succeed in the future. Dr. Mamiko and Mr. Chathura discuss how Northwood degree programmes enable graduates to make a smooth transition from studies to their career:

     Q  :  ANC boasts a long-established

partnership with Northwood University. What motivates Northwood University  to continue to work in collaboration with ANC?

Dr. Mamiko: It was in 2004 Northwood University collaborated with ANC. We are delighted to join hands with ANC and be able to offer Northwood programmes in Sri Lanka. We really love ANC students: they are very diligent; they work very hard. We’ve been offering the programme for nearly 15 years. The students are now in the job market. It’s nice to hear what they are doing now and that they are contributing to the economic growth of Sri Lanka.  Northwood University is a specialized business school. Northwood philosophy is that we encourage our students to assume positions of leadership in the larger world. During their stay at NU/ ANC, they explore the relationships between academic work and their responsibility to contribute to the world beyond the campus. Northwood degree programs are being well executed at ANC. We are so excited to see that, and it has motivated us to expand our course offerings at ANC.

Chatura Liyanage

Q : What are the special features of the Northwood degree programmes offered at ANC?

Dr. Mamiko: We offer 22 different undergraduate majors in the main campus in Michigan; there are 7 distinctive business concentrations offered at ANC: BBA Marketing, BBA Management, BBA International Business, BBA Finance, BBA Management Information systems (MIS), BBA Hospitality and Tourism, BBA Entrepreneurship. Northwood philosophy i.e. to educate the leaders of the future is translated into industry focused curriculums. Northwood faculty members are well-qualified, and they have the experience in the industry, so they not only teach theory but also make the students understand how that could be applied in the industry. Likewise, when we hire faculty members in Sri Lanka, we make sure they have academic credentials as well as industry experience.

Mr. Chathura: Internships are a very important component of Northwood education at ANC. Paid internships are guaranteed for every student in the senior year in some of the well-reputed business organizations in Sri Lanka. Past students have interned at Virtusa, MAS Holdings, Brandix, John Keels, Unilever, etc. ANC works in collaboration with the industry to ensure that the internships are in the best interest of our students-that they are entrusted with real-world assignments and given a well-rounded hands-on education they don’t receive in classroom.

In addition to the great learning experience, it’s an opportunity for our students to make important professional connections and explore other areas of business that could be more satisfying. Since they get these internship experiences on their transcripts, students are able to show their potential employers they have gained hands-on experiences that complement their academic record.

Several internships have turned into full-time job offers as well. Field trips, panel discussions, presentations, group projects, guest lectures, etc. also enable students to engage with their peers and network with accomplished business professionals.

Dr. Mamiko: We are considering replicating some of the new programs introduced in the main campus at ANC as well. We offer a few study abroad programs. Besides earning academic credit, students will see the world, gain a new perspective, and develop valuable skills for the job market. Northwood University also recognizes students’ extra-curricular accomplishments with “excel credits”. It will be an official transcript recognizing their involvement in the campus community through various student clubs and organizations. This will enhance students’ career prospects as they can make a good first impression at job interviews without having to talk a lot about themselves.

Nilupul Batuwitaarachchi

Mr. Chathura: Northwood curriculums focus on entrepreneurship education as well. Besides being equipped with managerial skills, students learn how to recognize, evaluate, and respond to new business opportunities. A number of students have gone on to set up their own business or help their families develop an existing business. Also, our students have the chance to boost their competitiveness in the job market by earning a double major/ triple major or minor- they graduate with two or three focus areas.

Q: What makes the learning experience   at ANC very unique?

Mr. Chathura: There are several things that sets ANC experience apart. First, Northwood general education curriculum provides a broad intellectual experience for freshmen. Courses are required in English composition, speech, mathematics, natural science with a lab, world cultures, etc. Students enhance their communication skills, develop a global perspective, and expand their critical thinking and analytical skills, which, in turn, help them thrive any field of their interest. They enter the workforce well-rounded and able to write as well as they can do numbers. Even pre-degree programs such as Academic English and Preparatory Math courses are benchmarked to US standards.

Second, we encourage an academic environment grounded in integrity. No student is allowed to use shortcuts to top grades as ANC has invested in Turnitin, one of the very effective plagiarism checker tools, to ensure that all work submitted is  a student’s own.

Dr. Mamiko: The quality and continuity of Northwood degree programs delivered in international program centers is extremely important to us. We conduct academic audits every year to ensure that the same Northwood standards are maintained at our international program centers. Also, we communicate with the academic heads and administration teams on a daily basis so that everyone is on the same page about what our standards are.

Hasini Munasinghe

Mr. Chathura: Also, our students are assessed right through their learning process. Continuous assessments ensure that they remain engaged or active learners throughout. Their performance is closely monitored, and immediate feedback gives them the opportunity to remediate weaknesses.

What’s more, we have replaced the traditional “chalk and talk” delivery method with more interactive classrooms and encourage blended learning- classroom learning supported with online lesson materials. ANC students have access to Northwood University’s e-library through the Blackboard-one of the most effective learning platforms in the world. They all add value to the learner experience and ensure that our graduates have a very exciting future ahead of them.

      Q : What are the opportunities available for ANC students if they wish to trans fer to Northwood University’s main campus in Michigan?

Dr. Mamiko: It’s a great opportunity for Sri Lankan students to be able to study at home for the first two years or three years and transfer to Northwood. All the credits they have earned at ANC are 100% transferrable, so they don’t have to worry about transcripts being evaluated or which credits will transfer between ANC and Northwood. And once student complete their education in the US, they are eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT). They can either do a paid internship or gain some work experience in the industry in the US. We help students with interview skills, resume writing, networking, etc. We have some ANC students who came to NU last year; one is working in a marketing firm in Detroit area; we have students who went to New York for OPT, and some have opted to do their Master’s at Northwood University.

Mr. Chathura: ANC students transferring to Northwood University can choose from nearly 15 specializations not offered in Sri Lanka. They include Fashion Marketing and Management, Automotive Marketing and Management, Economics, Accounting, and Health Care Management.

Dr. Mamiko: Northwood is also a beautiful campus with a lot of resources and infrastructure facility so supportive of student success. And Michigan is one of the safest US states for college students. We also offer a strong community atmosphere and a dynamic student life: students get to know one another in no time, and the faculty and staff will know the students by their name. Students participate in a range of student groups and activities. For example, Northwood University International Auto Show is an annual event that attracts over 65 manufacturers and 60,000 visitors from all parts of the country. It’s 100% student run and a great opportunity for students to work with world-class carmakers and plan the largest outdoor auto show in the world. They are assigned to different tasks based on their respective fields of study. We had the 56th International Auto Show this year. There are many events held throughout the year to make sure that students make the most of their college years at NU.

Q : What’s your message for prospective students?

Dr. Mamiko: Northwood education will shape you into an incredible individual with a great view of the world and equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a leader, a person who makes things happen. We have a very powerful alumni network. According to a recent survey, 60% of our graduates have become entrepreneurs within 5 years after graduation. Distinguished Northwood alumni include the Prime Minister of Serbia, the Minister of Road Development in Malaysia, Deputy Minister of Economic Development in the Maldives, and a COO of a Canadian airline company.

Mr. Chathura: In fact, Adam Thaufeeg, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development in the Maldives, is an ANC-Northwood graduate. A strong indicator of the quality of the Northwood degree programs we offer at ANC is our graduates’ success in a wide range of careers. Top industries for graduates entering the workforce include finance, banking, IT, hospitality, manufacturing, clothing, etc. 99% of our graduates are in employment or graduate school within 6 months after graduation.

Dr. Mamiko: We are very proud of their achievements, and we promise a great college experience to prospective students as well. We are also evolving our course offerings, and more programs will be offered at ANC to keep up with the market demands.

Alumni Speak: How Northwood Education Impacted Our Careers

“The comprehensive Northwood business curriculums offered at ANC are complemented by experiential learning opportunities. The knowledge and skills I gained as a Business Management major are highly desirable in the corporate world. We learned everything from finance, organizational behavior, and event management to marketing; enhanced our soft skills; and gained a real insight into the corporate sector. That positive learning experience not only helped me land a rewarding career, it also motivated me to opt for the UWL MBA offered at ANC. It was a well-defined pathway to success.”

Hasini Munasinghe

Senior Account Manager


“In keeping with the Northwood philosophy to create leaders for the future, Northwood curriculums have more of an emphasis on entrepreneurship and managerial skills.  We worked through real-world business scenarios to gain the skills essential to become effective managers. ANC faculty members, especially Mr. Chathura Liyanage, could see my drive, ambition, and goals, so I was allowed to declare three majors: International Business; Marketing, and Management. I completed my general education classes at ANC before transferring to NU to complete the degree…

I transferred to Northwood because I wanted a more challenging atmosphere where I would be surrounded with people from different parts of the world. The atmosphere at Northwood was very accepting and academically stimulating and made us better prepared for the life we choose. Since NU is exclusively focused on business education, we had the opportunity to interact with business leaders-some were Northwood alumni who offered insight on effective leadership, core values, and invaluable lessons learned on the job… Both ANC and NU influenced my career goals and supported my entrepreneurial spirit.”

Nilupul Batuwitaarachchi

Founder-Antalya Architectural Hardware

Students after OLs and ALs are welcome to be enrolled on Northwood degree programs.

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