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Why Lanka should remain non-aligned

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) shows little movement other than when summits are held. And so, it was with the latest, just concluded summit in the Iranian capital of Teheran. In the intervening years between summits, what on earth the second largest grouping of nations, only next to the United Nations…



Brick by brick, the houses came up

Brick by brick, the houses came up

It doesn’t need to be big, it doesn’t even need to be beautiful, as long as you have your own house to find comfort at the end of…

Lankan-born Suresh dies in Afghan war

On Thursday, August 30, an American hero and patriot was laid to rest at Forest Lawn in Cathedral City, California. A Military Honours service was held immediately after the funeral at…

Getting those batteries going on bananas

In recent weeks, daily power-cuts have reminded Sri Lankans that a steady flow of electricity can be something of a luxury. However, in parts of rural Sri Lanka…

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Frustration over education and job issues could ferment another youth revolt  Sri Lanka has seen three episodes of youth revolt in recent times, revolt that resulted in the…

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Princess Diana is remembered 15 years after her death

Princess Diana is remembered 15 years after her death

The gates of Kensington Palace disappeared under a growing collection of notes, photographs and bouquets on…

UN report wrongfoots Iran summit

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Mixing music, making DJs

Mixing music, making DJs

Love of music and ‘DJ-ing’ are inextricably linked and that is what the DJ Academy, Sri…

Ashanthi ready to rock the world with new album

A fairy tale that has a lesson for parents too

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