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Are we going nuclear?

The Indo-Sri Lanka summit talks earlier this week seem to have gone off smoothly; notwithstanding the outstanding poaching issue it was the Nuclear Pact between the two countries that took most by surprise. That it was kept a well-guarded secret and under wraps belies the spirit of transparency. In whose…



Bringing life under the sea to land

Bringing life under the sea to land

It was when Rose Robin heard the sound of voices, the rush of people walking past her and the echoing footsteps along a long hollow tunnel at the…

On course with his own brand of yachts

Curious are the glances that he draws when he makes ready to ‘test’ his products on the Mahaweli gushing by, close to his home down Weerakoon Gardens in…



Remembering our last King This March marks the 200th anniversary of the darkest day in our island’s history. King Sri Wikrama Rajasinha, the last king of the millennia…

Why “Town hall” sessions are not a walk in the park

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I took a walk in the park and found that the civic forum had come to not the…

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Mirror Magazine

A stitch in time

A stitch in time

For Hansanie Meemanage, the trickiest part of setting up her online store was convincing her mum…

A mash of colours

Comedic trio makes a return to stage

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TV Times

Johannes launches ‘J Dancers’

Johannes launches ‘J Dancers’

Talented dancer Johannes Madawela, who shot to fame with performance as the main peacock in veteran…

Sing-a-long with Nalin and Marians

Beauty Central opens its doors at Central

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Funday Times

Sesame Street Live

Sesame Street Live

Everyone’s favourite characters  living at 123 Sesame Street, skipped onto stage, harmonizing the original sound track…

Kirama Indrarathana Vidyalaya make a vegetable plot to cultivate

Kids World

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