What I wish for Sri Lanka in 2015 Many and heartfelt are my wishes for my dear motherland in 2015. With a new government at the helm, my first wish is for a new political culture, true democracy, transparency and good governance.  I wish for a transformation in our landscape, with murder, child abuse, bribery, [...]

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What I wish for Sri Lanka in 2015
Many and heartfelt are my wishes for my dear motherland in 2015. With a new government at the helm, my first wish is for a new political culture, true democracy, transparency and good governance.  I wish for a transformation in our landscape, with murder, child abuse, bribery, prostitution, drug-trafficking, theft, the rise of casinos and conditions of poverty totally eradicated.

I wish for a transformation in the hearts of rulers and ruled, so that they will consider human life and rights as sacred, paving the way for freedom, friendship, peace and justice to flourish. Among our people, I wish for reconciliation, communal harmony, literacy, employment, self-sufficiency and prosperity.

May there be dignity and honesty in labour and recognition for farmers, craftsmen, teachers, sportsmen and the man on the street, who form the backbone of society. An isle where children are safe, youth are content, women are respected, the elderly are cherished, politicians have a vision, culture, nature and the man-made environment is protected for future generations – these I wish.

May we win the ICC World Cup, too!
I desire my country to always hold on to the truth that sets us free and unites us as one nation under one flag so we’ll always hold our head high in the international arena, march forward and excel in every sphere,

Rebecca Ratnam (14 years)
Methodist College


Charity Project

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a charity project organized by my parents. It was a school books and uniforms distribution to the Rawzul Islam Orphanage with 50 children and the Daffodils Special Needs Training School in Kurundugolla.

There was a very colourful programme organized by the patrons and the management of both these institutions. A lot of very important people were invited and I was also one of the guests. It was very satisfying to see the grateful smiles on all the needy children. They entertained us with recitations and also showed us their talents. I was indeed privileged to be a part of such a meritorious day.

Tehzeeb Bishri (10 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket is one of the most famous sports and the Cricket World Cup is one of the blockbuster events of the year. The Cricket World Cup is held once in every four years. This time the World Cup is being held for the 11th time in the history of cricket. This year Australia and New Zealand have joined hands to host the World Cup.

The first World Cup was held in 1975 and was won by the West Indies. In 1979, the West Indies won again. In 1983, India won and the 1987 World Cup was won by Australia, Pakistan won in 1992 and Sri Lanka won the World Cup in 1996. In 1999, 2003 and 2007 Australia won the World Cup thrice in a row becoming the first team to do so. In 2011 the World Cup was won by India. This year 14 nations across the world are participating. The World Cup is commencing on February 14.

Sri Lanka has a good record in World Cup history. We won in 1996 and became runners-up in 2007 and 2011. I wish that the 2015 World Cup will be a thrilling and an adventurous encounter. As a Sri Lanka, I wish whole-heartedly that Sri Lanka will be the World Cup Champions in 2015.

Qualid Stanley (13 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4


My pet
My pet is a dog. It is fifteen years old. Its name is Fenny. It is brown. It likes to eat rice and curry. It can run fast. When my brother and
I play cricket, when the ball goes to the bushes, my dog helps me to find the ball. When the dog is ill, my father and I take him to the veterinarian. I love my pet.

Dhananjaya Kularatne
(9 years)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle



In our leisure times it is quite likely that we will fall into habits of laziness. So we have to cultivate some hobby. It may be manual work or mental work that we can get pleasure. If you are a literary you can read books. If you are keeping poultry you can earn money by selling eggs. If you can keep an aviary or an apiary or a flower garden you can spend your leisure time very happily.
Hobbies are a good cure for  boredom. Not only that the thinker can be a writer. Hobbies develop our faculties and turn our life to a good way.

Imansa Mahathanthila (Grade 7)
Kalutara B.N.S. 


Good and bad effects of modern technology
Modern technology is growing day by day in the period of time we live. Modern technology is more powerful and it gives us advantages and drawbacks. During these days many students prefer more sophisticated technology teachings.

In the field of medicine, advanced technologies save many lives. Technology these days is more flexible and easier, so people and firms are less likely to make mistakes. On the other hand, we can see as the technology changes we miss the beauty of nature. The rays from satellites and radar are more harmful for our body, which might cause diseases like cancer. Modern firms which cause pollution make the atmosphere harmful and destroy living beings.

Advancd technological computer games and movies really spoil the children’s education by stimulating chemical power in their brain. In these days robot workers are becoming more popular.

If robot workers increase, many people lose work. This causes unemployment in the country.
So we come to the conclusion that we should only use technology that gives advantages.

Ashley Abishan (15 years)
Good Shepherd College, Batticaloa

A busy railway station

One day I was at Kandy railway station to catch a train which was due at 7 a.m., to go to Dambulla. This was my first journey by train. So I was happy but a little bit confused. This confusion made me arrive at the railway station 30 minutes earlier.

I got the tickets and sat down on a bench. Oh! Then I saw the real scene. The railway station was the most busiest and the noisiest place I’ve seen.
There were two railway tracks, one track is to the north and the other track for the south. Then I sighed. Many people were sitting on the benches and many are standing. There were students, labourers and families. There was a long queue for tickets.

Then a train came. I gasped. People were running towards it like ants. The people rushed to the railway station and they walked and pushed each other. Everybody was busy. Some were having quick calls. Some children were crying asking for balloons. Some were eating breakfast. The railway station became very noisy and busy. Then the train came. I ran quickly to the train and got a seat. The first journey is unforgettable. Oh! How busy is a railway station.

Aloka Karunathilake (10 years)
Ecole Internationale


My favourite cartoon
My favourite cartoon is Bey Blade. When I first saw it, I didn’t know their names. After I liked that cartoon I watch it daily. Now I know their names. I like Episode 1, 10 and 11.

The heroes are called Legendary Bladers. Some Legendary Bladers are Jinga, Kioyo, Yukia, Ketchup. In some episodes, there are many jokes. In all Blades they have animals like Pegasus Flying Pony.

In the Blade named Kronos, animals don’t come, a ghost comes. I’m very scared of that creature like a ghost. That is like a tournament. Some Bladers have got a power called Star Fragrance. I like that cartoon so much.

Rayshan Jeyranjan (Grade 5)
Atamie Int. School

My name is Nehara. I am eight years old. I am a girl. I go to St. Joseph’s Balika Maha Vidyalaya. I have a sister. I am in Grade Four. I like to eat rice. I like to drink Milo. My best friend is Meena. I like to play badminton.

Nehara Siriwardana (8 years)
St. Joseph’s B.M.V., Kegalle

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