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Nature’s Beauty Creations steps in to preserve deteriorating soil conditions

Crisis at Sri Lanka’s industrial estates

Husein steps down as Hemas CEO after hard-working spell

EU-Sri Lanka trade talks after 5 years

Lankan unions propose national minimum wage for private sector

Sri Lankan capital market May road show in London

GK in efforts to raise Rs.530 million amidst growing frustration

Doubts about Touchwood links in Sri Lanka, Thailand

Universities, research and public good

Once you log in, it’s hard to leave……..

Universities: A vitally important but untapped potential in Sri Lanka

Central Bank sets maximum deposit interest rates for finance companies

Colombo Port gets advanced vehicle traffic management system

Persuasive merging of financial institutions

Dialog to focus on new submarine cable and IDC, expanding coverage

Nearly 50 % of SL companies pay EPF online, CB official says

Commercial Bank AGM well conducted

State biogas ventures have failed compared with huge strides by Sri Lanka’s private sector

Some consolidations between banks and finance companies approved by CB

CEAT to open new Rs 600 million radial plant in Sri Lanka

JAMPHOTO launches online service for photobook design

Kelsey Homes launches Templer’s Square in Mount Lavinia

Sri Lankan entrepreneurs explore rapidly growing business opportunities in Myanmar

Commercial air travel safer today, says IATA

SL ‘touches’ 450,000 in 2013 smartphones sales : Report

Fixed Deposits and loans via Commercial Bank’s online banking

Early warning systems on agricultural droughts being developed in SL

IFC aiming to raise $250 mln to help Lankan companies

Sharp drop in interest rates to spur earnings growth

CSE Announcements

Spence Hotels’ revenue grows 16% for 3Q2014

Smart phones spur record demand for mobile broadband services, says SLT Chairman

Exploring the Complexity of the Informal Economy

Sri Lanka to switch off all counterfeit and uncertified mobile phones

SL to open ‘Advanced Electronics Design Centre’ : University of Moratuwa don

EU invites SL businesses to Europe

SriLankan looks for more flights to Australia

Lankan investment promotion in Thailand

Sri Lankan capital market May road show in London

Tellida receives ISO-27001 certification

Police seize fake Microsoft goods in raids

Inaugural Vishwa start-up competition launched

Delinking Geneva from maritime silk route

Sunday Times 2

Jet search ship detects “ping”

Ex-Army Commander and High Commissioner to Pakistan conferred prestigious Civil Award

Yolande Bavan plays narrator at Lincoln Centre

Donation of Hearing Aids

Scholarships to study Hindi

‘Around the Pearl’in 10 days

On a slow boat to Kotte

The Geneva resolutions and the waning US power

Vegetarians are ‘less healthy’ than meat-eaters

Circumcision should be offered ‘like vaccines’

Prawns on Prozac

Scores fall sick at Cambodian garment factories

Pak resolution and US humiliation at UNHRC: Watch out India, UK, Sri Lanka

What makes teens terrible

Geneva resolution: Has the mighty US laboured and delivered a toothless mouse?

Parents banned from naming their son ‘Wikileaks’

British Prince George’s first tour stifles Australia/NZ republicans

Red light for Buddhist monks in driving seat

Fascism with a feminist face

India’s polls: Corporations under scrutiny

Amma, Didi, Behenji: India’s female kingmakers

Are you a glass half-empty person?

India’s Hindu nationalists tipped to win as poll looms

Russia seeks over $11 bn in ‘debt’ from Ukraine: Gazprom

US seeks to reassure Japan amid Europe crisis fallout

Nobel writer Garcia Marquez hospitalised in Mexico

The sacred and sensuous in Indian art

Microsoft admits it broke Windows

Study: Small Saturn moon boasts underground ocean

Climate change to be revealed in unprecedented detail

European bumblebees at risk of extinction

Chinese Buddhist temple forms “anti-terrorist” squad

Birds of a feather: Hummingbird family tree unveiled

Noah could have floated his boat

Narendra Modi: The man and the myth

The secrets behind Kim Jong-un’s madness

Was Jesus crucified with his arms above his head?

Can this eight-year-old really perform miracles?

India: Why leopard attacks have become an election issue

‘I say, Your Holiness, do you fancy a drop of Balmoral whisky?

Six in ten don’t get enough sleep

Scientists dismiss claims that Yellowstone volcano about to erupt

Infections, heart problems, even menopause: What your nightmares reveal about your health

Kerry in danger of losing big bet on ME peace

Afghans hail peaceful election; high turnout

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