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Constitution making while economy collapsing

Is it going to be a Constituent Assembly or a Constitutional Assembly? Will the provisions of the 13th Amendment be expanded to provide for more devolution; is it going to be ‘Federal’ or ‘Unitary’ or ‘United’; how much powers will Parliament and the Prime Minister have and the President not…



Writer on the move

Writer on the move

What would Kesari do? As Amitav Ghosh stood arguing with a taxi driver, a character from his book popped into his head. For Ghosh, who in 2015 brought his…


Don’t let politicians tinker with new Constitution Every citizen irrespective of racial, ethnic or religious differences should feel this is his/her country where he/she has equal rights and…



Siddique Sally and Shayir Sally Craft followed craft until they flew no more I vividly remember January 17, 1966, the day 50 years ago when Flight Sergeant Mohamed…

Kala Pola with added attractions will hit the road

Kala Pola with added attractions will hit the road

‘Beauty is in the eye of its beholder’. This is the concept on which Kala Pola has operated for the past 22 years and it is the basis…

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‘Skin-prick test’ that reveals all

‘Skin-prick test’ that reveals all

A drop of liquid is plopped onto the forearm, a tiny scratch made with a lancet…

Get a dose of healthy Passion

To Sir with love – Inspiring teachers

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Nittaya: Bilingual  music journey

Nittaya: Bilingual music journey

Nittaya Chookaew Abhayawickrama, a Thai born singer, released her maiden DVD ‘Maage Desa Maane’ comprising four…

CAKE LABS ends year with vibrant talent show finale

‘Kala Pola 2016’ back in action

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