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Addressing the delicate Muslim issue

Not long after the heinous Easter Sunday bombings, this newspaper issued a word of caution to the authorities. In the pursuit of existing terrorist cadres and the ‘sleepers’, we warned, the tri-forces and police must heed the lessons of the past. They must refrain from breeding more terrorists in the…


TV Times

Uber anthem to energise ICC Cricket World Cup fans

Uber anthem to energise ICC Cricket World Cup fans

As part of its exciting partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC), Uber, the world’s largest…

‘Space’ : Annual Art Exhibition at Russian Centre

Learning the little known facts about pets

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Funday Times

Mission Patch Design Challenge

Mission Patch Design Challenge

NASA STEM Engagement and Tynker teamed up to bring the first of three “Moon2Mars” challenges to…

Heal the World

Story time Session held at the British Council

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