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Govt. must act on Tamil Nadu attacks

The two Houses of India’s Parliament have judiciously timed a debate on ‘the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka’ to coincide with the UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva. That India will vote for the US resolution against Sri Lanka is now public knowledge. Ironic as it may…



When plastic stops being plastic

When plastic stops being plastic

Can a plastic substance help solve the ever-present plastic problem? Yes, says Thanula Wijewardena, promoter of oxo-biodegradable plastic. Smriti Daniel reports Particularly in recent years Thanula Wijewardena, a…

Staying in prison!

Researching for unusual places to stay for review in the upcoming edition of his Bradt Guide to Sri Lanka published in the UK, Royston Ellis discovers Fort Hammenhiel…


Remembering a great man with pride and humility CHARLES HENRY DE SOYSA March 3, (today)— the birthday of the late Charles Henry de Soysa, is a very special…

Letters to the editor

Pensioners won’t be around for the next election  Scores of letters have appeared in all the newspapers – English, Sinhala and Tamil – begging the Government to implement…

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Pope retires, cardinals meet in shadow of scandal

Pope retires, cardinals meet in shadow of scandal

VATICAN CITY, March 2 (Reuters) – Roman Catholic cardinals gathering to choose a successor to “Pope…

New Delhi erupts in rage once again after schoolgirl is raped

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Having fun? Get your own miniature memories

Having fun? Get your own miniature memories

A young entrepreneur’s brightly lit Photobooth, just three months old and a first for Sri Lanka,…

Nothing like a crispy ghee dosai

Slowly but surely four artists unveil their work

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