I am an ant Hey! My name is Jim. I am a black ant. I am an insect and I have six legs. I live in my ant colony, in a hole under the ground. Our leader is the ant queen and we obey her orders. We work in ant groups. I can climb, run, [...]

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I am an ant

Hey! My name is Jim. I am a black ant. I am an insect and I have six legs. I live in my ant colony, in a hole under the ground. Our leader is the ant queen and we obey her orders.
We work in ant groups.

I can climb, run, carry heavy loads and smell very well. I like to eat grains, cakes, bread and sweets. Some unkind people crush and kill us. I don’t like them.
Humans can learn lots of lessons from ants. We work hard, help each other and are not lazy. I am proud to be an ant.

Saumya Pandithakoralege (Grade 4), St. Bridget’s Convent

The Sun

The Sun is the brightest and largest star in the Milky Way. The nearest planet to the Sun is Mercury. The Earth is the third nearest planet to the Sun. The eight planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf planets are parts of the Solar System. The Earth is the only planet where life is found. The Sun is very, very hot, but not as hot as lightning.

Ravindu Pathiraja (9 years), Sri Wijerama M. V., Nugegoda

If I were a fairy

When I gaze at the waterfall I see fairies coming through it. At sunset, my mother calls me home. I do not hear her because I hear the fairies talking to me. They invite me to the sky and give me wings. Oh! I am a fairy.

I first went to the fairy factory. There was a rainbow at the factory. The keeper told me to close my eyes and slide down the rainbow! So I closed my eyes and slid down the rainbow. After I finished sliding down the rainbow, I was astonished to see that the rainbow had painted my dress. After a while the moon came out. Fairies surrounded the moon. They called me too. We had a lovely time dancing around the moon.

Then I remembered my mother. She would be very worried, I thought. I tried to explain to the other fairies about this. They told me, “Keep this necklace. When you want help, touch the pendant and remember this secret.”

Soon they sent me home, to see I was dreaming. Then I ran to the kitchen and hugged my mother. She was surprised. “From where did you get this necklace?” she asked. So, was I only dreaming?

Nurekha Imbulana (8 years), Visakha Vidyalaya

My mother

My mother’s name is Sapali. She is a bank manager. She is very kind. She helps me to do my school work. I love my mother very much and she loves me too.

Dinaya Peiris (8 years), Visakha Vidyalaya


Without water, no life on earth can exist. More than 97% of global water is trapped in the oceans. Even out of the other 3%, a very small proportion can be used by human beings. Therefore it should be mentioned that water is very precious.

People obtain water from lakes, rivers, streams and wells. The main use of water is for drinking. It is also used for domestic purpose such as washing, bathing and watering plants.

Apart from that, water is used for agriculture, industries, production of hydro-electricity, transport and recreation.The consumption of water is increasing day by day. The United Nations has predicted a water shortage by the year 2050 in many countries.

Some people have not realized the value of water. They waste water and pollute water resources by various activities such as dumping garbage and disposing chemicals into waterways. If humans do not protect water, the entire world will be in danger.

Akitha Bandara (Grade 5), Royal College

The value of sports

Sports are very popular throughout the world. Every country has its national sport. Sports have helped promote goodwill between nations. By doing sports you become mentally and physically healthy. You cultivate leadership qualities. You learn to share and help each other. Sports make our body strong. We can get the exercise we need when we do sports. We become very active. You learn to perform as a team. We become physically fit. Sports teach us to accept defeat as well as success. Sports can bring the whole world together.

Sports is a vital necessity for the healthy growth of a human being. Healthy food can make you grow in size. When you eat too many sweets and oily foods your body becomes fat. It means you are not healthy. Obesity can lead to diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

If you take regular exercise by indulging insports, you will possess a healthy body. Sports are very valuable in building up a good personality.

Isuru Suraweera (15 years), Ananda College

Goodbye Funday Times

Goodbye the enjoyable moments
With the member crew
Joyful moments with you
Won competitions
Taking the presents with glee
Going on the eighth of February
Leaving the joyful moments behind
Hard to say but goodbye.

Thiseni Kristhorubadu (10 years), Musaeus College

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