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Regime change at Hulftsdorp

The stalemate or confusion continues at Hulftsdorp, the citadel of the Courts of Justice of the island republic of Sri Lanka. Journalists are wondering how to describe Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake, who says she remains the legally appointed Chief Justice and Mohan Peiris, who has also been appointed by the President.…



Their forefathers were foes

Their forefathers were foes

The 50th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty, that brought to an end the centuries-old bloody hostilities between France and Germany falls on Tuesday. Here the two ambassadors  share…


Appachchi, you gave us everything possible in life W. A. Piyasiri It is nearly three 3 months since you left us, Appachchi. Since the day you left us,…

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Pension arrears –waiting till all pensioners die? Consequent to a salary revision for public servants, pensions of pre-2006 pensioners were also revised and payment approved. At a large…

Back home to cook up something really special

Back home to cook up something really special

Kumar Pereira of MasterChef fame who kicked off his local tour at Jetwing Lagoon in Thalahena is rediscovering his culinary roots  By Smriti Daniel Kumar Pereira dons his…

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PATHE Study Medicine Congratulates,

PATHE Study Medicine Congratulates,

Our Medical Graduates for achieving high Scores in ERPM (Former ACT 16) Examination  Sri Lanka’s leader…

ACBT University partnered with ECU motorsport team, the top 2 in Australia


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Bollywood and  sex education

Bollywood and sex education

By Shilpa Jamkhandikar NEW DELHI (Reuters) – A couple of weeks ago, I watched a Marathi…

Pakistan PM’s corruption official found dead

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Bye-bye to varicose veins with little pain

Bye-bye to varicose veins with little pain

You no longer need to get “cut up” to treat this vascular disease, says Consultant Vascular…

Cover your mouth when you cough

Know your own body

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