Based on the latest MBA rankings issued by the CEO Magazine (UK), the 12month MBA programme offered by Oxford College of Business (OCB) in affiliation with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) was ranked #3 in Australia and #10 in the world (Source: A feat never achieved by any other MBA programme in Sri [...]

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12month AIB MBA ranked among the very best in the world- Industry experts comment


Based on the latest MBA rankings issued by the CEO Magazine (UK), the 12month MBA programme offered by Oxford College of Business (OCB) in affiliation with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) was ranked #3 in Australia and #10 in the world (Source: A feat never achieved by any other MBA programme in Sri Lanka, these rankings justify the quality and the caliber of the graduates OCB has produced since 2007. Furthermore OCB now gives CEOs, managing directors, general managers and senior managers a rare opportunity to obtain a world class masters right here in Sri Lanka in just 12months. With the issue of the latest MBA rankings for 2012 by the CEO Magazine (UK) conducted by the International Graduate Forum (IGF) it can now be clearly stated that the 12month MBA programme at OCB is the #1 MBA programme in the country today!

At Oxford College of Business, they we don’t just embrace diversity – they are defined by it. Students come to Oxford College of Business (OCB) from all types of business circles. Their cultures, backgrounds and ambitions exemplify Sri Lanka’s business mindset which is needed to be successful leaders in a rapidly changing and evolving economy. OCB often compared to a mini-World Trade Center with its diverse student population of which more than 80% repersent of Sri Lanka’s top companies, OCB and its 12month MBA program gives students a personal glimpse into other business cultures, taking them far beyond stereotypes and providing them with a framework for cross-cultural interactions on the personal and professional scale.

Students joining 12month MBA programme at OCB are as unique as the companies and backgrounds they come from, but they do share common traits. They are all senior level managers, risk-takers and problem solvers, and they think strategic. 12month MBA at OCB immerses you in business management education with industry-renowned faculty who bring both academic insight and real-world business knowledge into the classroom. Students if they are lucky to be selected will study all facets of global business, coupled with cross-cultural communications and negotiations, global political economy, new product management leadership – which will help students develop a global skillset and mindset that sets them apart from the competition.

A unique approach with a rich learning experience

“The 12month MBA programme at OCB is not for the faint hearted. Due to the nature of the programme – delivered in short duration’s over the weekends, students following the 12month AIB MBA at OCB get a lot of information in a very short space of time. Each session is intense, so it is important to stay focused and to have done your homework before and after. The programme is so unique that on the one hand students are able to apply the knowledge within their very own work environment; on the other, they are challenged to solve real world problems of real world managers through the use of case studies and real life examples within the classroom.”
“Since the 12month MBA programme is delivered using the real time business examples, participants are working through real business issues during their program experience, There is an emphasis on decision-making that pushes participants to assess a situation, develop strategic options, analyze those options, and then make a decision.” By having to solve actual business problems that relate to a broad set of business contexts, the learning possibilities extend beyond the immediate realm of application within a student’s work environment to include tackling and solving complex problems, thereby stimulating new ways of thinking and thus learning. While the 2012 MBA rankings on the CEO Magazine speaks for its self, the rankings also justify that the 12 month MBA at OCB is without a doubt the No.1 MBA in Sri Lanka”

Ireshica Rodrigo

Head of Sales Support & Operations
Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd.

Without a doubt Sri Lanka’s No.1 MBA programme
There is a reason why the 12month MBA at OCB is rated so highly in the world and in Australia. For many candidates, the attraction of 12month MBA as opposed to going with any other MBA programme is the helicopter view it provides of business. Throughout your studies you will acquire a greater insight into all aspects of your organization, therefore allowing you to get a better understanding of how each of the different areas work together. Furthermore the 12month MBA at OCB integrates global management broadly across the business disciplines. “The MBA programme has developed a global business understanding in its graduates by embedding global business cases and issues in the core curriculum. The 12month MBA takes this approach to mirror the reality of business today; you need an integrated global perspective in each discipline from accounting to finance to supply chain to marketing which is a very unique feature of the 12month MBA at OCB which no other MBA programme offers. A man is known by the company he organizes this is what the 12month MBA at OCB prepares you for.””

Samtiha Perera
CEO – Munchee Biscuits
CBL Foods International
(Pvt) Ltd

The best MBA in Sri Lanka
“A good manager knows the importance of strategic direction. That doesn’t mean to say they neglect what is happening in the present, but they can multitask and think ahead. This is exactly what the 12month MBA at OCB offers its graduates. While the CEO Magazine rankings further justify the quality of the 12month MBA programme. The MBA will equip you with the skills and foresight to be able to see the correlation between an existing project and new opportunities, and to act upon them at the appropriate time. Furthermore it could be stated that 12month MBA at OCB not only gives you a renewed enthusiasm for your work; it will also enhance your perception and intuitiveness, characteristics at the core of every good manager. “
“These attributes are particularly important during times of economic change. The 12month MBA at OCB gives students the opportunity to practise and apply their new skills in real organizations during the programme; helps develop the confidence and aptitude needed for the changing economic landscape.” “It helps in empowering senior managers and CEO’s to live in the present but concentrate on the future.” In my books the 12month AIB MBA is one of the best MBA’s in Sri Lanka “
Mewan Dissanayake
Financial Controller
Rankings justify how good an MBA programme really is!
“Those universities that are doing well in MBA rankings, are those stepping back and talking to faculty across the curriculum and asking, ‘What are you teaching that will prepare students for kind of leadership and contributes to all our collective wellbeing?”
“MBA rankings enable Universities to uncover what content really matters and seeing connections across the curriculum. If you’re introducing these issues in one part of the curriculum and another is teaching a very outdated, short-term model, there’s a conflict there.” The existence of MBA rankings helps us in uncovering such issues.”
“If a certain university is not highlighted in the MBA rankings it is a sign that something is wrong. MBA rankings is a way of communicating to every university that doesn’t exist on the ranking table that “you need to redesign your or reevaluate certain areas of your curriculum.
Rankings are a good method of sustainable business compulsory, and only those who are up to date and dedicated will gain top spots.“
“The fact that AIB’s 12month MBA programme at OCB is ranked #3 in Australia and ranked #10 in the world communicates how sustainable and update the AIB MBA program is in today’s global context. This also shows AIB’s commitment, responsibility and willingness to improve.
While seeing it as great achievement by AIB to be rated among the very best, it also gives all senior and top corporate’s an opportunity to now graduate with a world class MBA right here in Sri Lanka. “Acting by example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”
Riaz Hassen
Managing Director
Mayfair Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Eswaran Brothers Group

MBA students and graduates from OCB are equipped with a mindset necessary to be successful in today’s business world.
The school’s unique MBA curriculum from AIB and graduation requirements support the principle; that to succeed on a global scale, executives must know the intricacies of business and also understand the cultures, languages and customs of other business environments.
This curriculum makes the 12month MBA at OCB uniquely qualified to effectively lead in an economy faced with constant challenges.
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