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We pay, but we do not know

It bodes ill for any country when a government conducts business on the principle that what the people do not know will not hurt them. Sri Lanka has become such a nation. Despite its elephantine Cabinet, power is concentrated in the hands of a few. Many ministers are figureheads who…



Find a career on a blue bus to the north

Find a career on a blue bus to the north

Hop on the blue bus and find the pathway not only to a career but also on how to acquire the skills that are needed to make that…

Breathing life to ancient art

Lacquerwork is an art that commands attention. Whether it is the intricately painted wooden boxes and ornaments that adorn our homes or the boldly striped windows and railings…

‘Landscape architecture is about people’

Shiranee Balasuriya’s love for the environment blossomed at home as she watched her mother meticulously put together flower arrangements. Years later Prof. Balasuriya would initiate the course in…

Down with these dangerous ideas

Amid the clamour of chauvinists practising arson and the clangour of empty vessels making the most noise, you may have missed a very important point. That while sticks…

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War against plastic waste hampered  by don’t-care public

War against plastic waste hampered by don’t-care public

The government is fighting a battle against companies making and using non- recyclable “sili-sili” bags with…

Tech-savvy Sri Lankan turns heads

Facelift for Jawatte mosque

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A play to capture your imagination

A play to capture your imagination

An intense, emotionally gripping story about two New Yorkers who fall in and out of love…

An evening of magic

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TV Times

Milestone of Marians journey

Milestone of Marians journey

Marians, one of the leading musical bands in the country venture into another milestone in their…

Don Gabriel paintings

‘Ruwasha’ :New hit from Sasindu

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