Right Royal fellowship with jubilant President

Right Royal fellowship with jubilant President

It was cricket lovely cricket for President Ranil Wickremesinghe and his Royal College mates as the College team moves towards a massive victory against their…

Dollar crisis is over: Central Bank

Governor says IMF bailout package will be approved tomorrow, and first tranche coming on Tuesday  By Bandula Sirimanna “The dollar crisis is over,” insists Central Bank…

Foreign travel allowance to be slashed from tomorrow

By Damith Wickremasekara  The overseas allowance for ministers, parliamentarians and senior officials will be slashed from tomorrow on a directive from the President’s Office. The…

Business Times

Tourism slowly on the rise

Tourism slowly on the rise

Sri Lankan authorities held a MICE trade fair in Colombo this week to promote business and events tourism in the country. It attracted a large…

Dollar crisis has ended, asserts Central Bank governor

Amidst the appreciation of the rupee, has the US dollar crisis ended? “It has,” says Central Bank (CB) Governor Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe. “The dollar crisis…

Commercial Bank exploring overseas expansion

Posting good income from overseas operations including Bangladesh and Maldives, the Commercial Bank, is keen to replicate similar overseas operations in the medium term to…

Sunday Times E-Paper


Striking at the economy

‘Work harder for your larder’ ought to be the slogan of the professional and working classes of a country that needs to come out of the hellhole of bankruptcy. Instead, the local slogans seem more on the lines of; “Diyaw; Diyaw” (give, give) calling for more benefits and “Epa, Epa”…


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