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Two sides of the same coin

Two contrasting stories appearing in the dailies this week might have caught the attention of the reading public. They may not have necessarily come as a shock, as very little shocks us in this country, but they were nevertheless a vignette of the state of play in the country’s socio-political-economic…



Sancta Maria: Miracle shrine atop a hill

Sancta Maria: Miracle shrine atop a hill

By Kumudini Hettiarachchi Holding her child closely in her arms, she looks down serenely, benevolently and tenderly at the world. This is the mother, who with Joseph by…

12 children and a nativity play comes to life!

By Dr. Carmeline Fernando Growing up in the sixties we had a neighbour called Uncle Joe, who used to organise a Nativity play for the neighbourhood children every…

Letters to the Editor

Delay in Sampur coal power plant: Blessing in disguise The news item titled “India, Lanka in heated row over coal power plant” which appeared in the Sunday Times…


His was a noble life worthy of emulation Lenard Frank Wickremasinghe Dec. 22 marked the first death anniversary of Lenard Frank Wickramasinghe, a former Chairman of the Sri…

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One million Brazilians join cheating dating service

One million Brazilians join cheating dating service

SAO PAULO (AFP) – Want to cheat on your partner? Then the online dating service Ashley…

Police clash with Delhi gang-rape protesters

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