No poaching but peace for Kachchativu feast

No poaching but peace for Kachchativu feast

This is not Indian fishermen poaching or bottom-trawling in Sri Lanka’s waters but joining Sri Lankan fishermen and Catholic devotees to take part in the…

All clear for IMF bailout package

First tranche by end March or early April after President’s talks with IMF chief By Damith Wickremasekara The Government is on the cusp of clinching…

Local council polls delay leaves more than 3,000 public servants jobless

The Election Commission (EC) is unable to offer relief to more than 3000 public servants contesting the local council elections and who are now in…

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Free services

Free services

People wait in line to get their eyes checked at Sri Lanka’s healthcare exhibition which is being held at the BMICH from March 3 to…

Economy gains momentum; traders return to the market

A strengthening currency, falling interest rates and sustainable corporate earnings have helped Sri Lanka’s economy to turn a positive corner, analysts say. The consistent information…

Private creditors ready for ISB restructure negotiations

Two groups of private creditors are now ready to hold international sovereign bond (ISB) debt restructuring negotiations with Sri Lankan authorities, as the Finance Ministry…

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Unions bark; Caravan moves on

Trade unions launched their strike against the Government this week on a combo of issues from elections to electricity tariffs to taxes lest one of them was not enough to draw the workers out onto the streets. They paid little heed though to their obligations to pull the country out…



Sanjai pushes boundaries with first Tamil music video featuring a kiss

Sanjai pushes boundaries with first Tamil music video featuring a kiss

Sri Lankan actor and singer Sanjai Yo released his latest single ‘Idhayathil Hidhayah’ music video recently.…

‘Gajaman’ makes records

Sheraton Kosgoda celebrates 3rd years

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