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China’s blank cheques: No checks and balances

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has just concluded his seventh state visit to China in as many years as the country’s Head of State and Head of Government. The importance — and significance — of the regularity of these visits can hardly be missed. In the early years of his presidency, the…



Publis dishes out a recipe of health

Publis dishes out a recipe of health

The veteran chef at Mount Lavinia Hotel discusses his research into local food and cooking methods that could guide Sri Lankans onto a path sans NCDs He was…

Sri Lanka’s Ravanahatha is the world’s first violin

Sir Christopher Ondaatje investigates the origins of the violin and discovers it all started in Sri Lanka The violin as we know it today was developed in Italy…

Letters to the Editor

Who benefits from privatisation? In the Sunday Times of May 19, Charitha de Silva opines that privatising state-owned enterprises (SOEs) will cure the country’s ills, particular those of…


She was always there for us, like a family member Ruki Kodagoda June 3 marks the third month since Ruki Kodagoda passed away. It still seems difficult to…

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US defence chief accuses China of cyber spying

US defence chief accuses China of cyber spying

SINGAPORE, June 1 (AFP)-US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel today accused China of waging cyber espionage against…

Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S4 Mini

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Fun hatter!

Fun hatter!

In love with vivid colours, Nihara Fernando wants Lankans to fold up their umbrellas and don…

Into the blue

A true home away from home

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