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Executive Presidency needs a fix

With about four months at most to go for what would be a crucial presidential election (arguably all Presidential elections are crucial), the guessing game continues on the likely candidates in the fray. In a country where politics is the most talked of subject, election fever is just about hotting…


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The importance of learning governance in school

The importance of learning governance in school

A well read and popular writer, Ranga Jayasuriya, ended a recent article with the Churchillian quotation…

A close encounter with awe-inspiring insects

Dr. Kumaratne launches Simple Prescriptions

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Blessings for Success

Blessings for Success

With the GCE Advanced Level examination in progress, candidates receive religious blessings for their success. A…

‘English Only Day’ in National, Provincial schools- MoE

Trilingual Mixed School in Mirigama, by February 2020

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‘Grace and Glory’, an exceptional dance festival by the legendry Naomi Rajaratnam will come alive on…

‘MAF Golden Oldies’ by Sooriya

Family film for the holiday Seasion

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Too Many Things

Too Many Things

Sara had a lot of toys, storybooks, clothes and shoes. She had too many things. The…

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