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SAARCLAW: What it means to the people

When President R. Premadasa declared open the first South Asian Regional Cooperation for Law (SAARCLAW) conference in Colombo in 1991, Sri Lanka’s then Chief Justice sat next to him. Neither uttered a word to each other throughout the proceedings as an election petition was being heard against the President by…



Look, learn and cherish

Look, learn and cherish

Ensconced within a cool and comforting one-hectare haven is a tiny but vibrant showpiece, just 100m off the Negombo-Chilaw Road beyond the 66th km-post at Pambala. It is…

Letters to the Editor

Don’t let sports break the  sportsman/woman in your child I have observed the shocking behaviour of basketball coaches in several inter-school girls’ basketball matches. I have yet to…



How can one not grieve the loss of such a friend NIRMALADEVI  RAMACHANDRAN Our first lady Commissioner General of Inland Revenue, in her own pragmatic matter-of-fact way, decided…

“I’m still a child at heart”

“I’m still a child at heart”

It was 1948. Blissfully oblivious to the new political landscape in the country, 19-year-old Sybil de Silva, in a blue pinafore, appeared before the management of the Times…

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TV Times

‘Siyeli Sara’  to support veteran stars

‘Siyeli Sara’ to support veteran stars

‘Siyeli Sara’ an evening of music with performances by a group of leading and young vocalists…

‘Musicianship’ from Yashan

Making Musical Magic at Spellbound 2017

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Paulians Prefects Talent Show: Glorioso 2017

Paulians Prefects Talent Show: Glorioso 2017

The Prefects Talent Show of St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Milagiriya; Glorioso 17 was held on September…

100th Anniversary celebration of Biyagama Primary School

Kids Essays

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