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The celluloid politics of Tamil Nadu

In all likelihood, the Indian Prime Minister is now unlikely to attend next month’s CHOGM in Sri Lanka. It is clear that he has had to yield to domestic political compulsions, but it might not be a case of performing Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark, really. So much then…





“The lake is only a short hike into the forest, I can show you!” the ranger said. And so we went from the little town of Deniyaya to…


Anula Gopallawa Kapuwatta She personified the noble Kandyan tradition An aristocratic Kandyan lady Amila Kapuwatte was one of the few deeply engrossed in the Kandyan social ethos. She…



All’s fine with beautifying Colombo, but spare the trees There is much paving taking place around the city of Colombo. No doubt when it is all completed, Colombo…

Step into this room, and step back in time

Step into this room, and step back in time

The men sit around the table in solemn conference but they don’t mind when the caretaker W.A Samson interrupts to put a bucket on the table. On rainy…

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Funday Times

The end of King Vimaladharmasuriya

The end of King Vimaladharmasuriya

King Vimaladharmasuriya was suffering from a severe fever. No treatment seemed to answer. In May 1604,…


Christmas Cover

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Sunday Times 2

US defends drone attacks as ‘just’ in face of UN criticism

The US government has defended its use of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries…

Pakistan accused of drone collusion

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Business Times

King of the Road!

King of the Road!

Elephants were part of the festivities associated with the unofficial opening this week of the Katunayake…

Uproar over super-rich tax plan

Rs. 50bn raised, another Rs. 10bn debentures investments in the pipeline

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