With a great sense of elation and patriotism, troops of the 58 and 59 Divisions celebrated the linkup yesterday, bringing every inch of the Sri Lankan coast under the control of the state. Pic Army Media.
End of a bloody era - Political Column
Last Wednesday, whilst President Mahinda Rajapaksa, was conferring with his Cabinet colleagues about the concluding stages of the military campaign in the Wanni against Tiger guerrillas, in the United States capital of Washington, President Barack Obama, was doing just that with his senior officials. However, the two Presidents had two different reasons.
Fiscal consolidation: imperative but difficult
- The Economic Analysis
Many of the problems of the economy arise due to the fiscal weaknesses of the government. The high inflationary pressures, the disincentives for economic enterprise, poor performance in exports, the drain on foreign exchange reserves through large trade deficits are some of the problems whose root cause lie in the imbalance between government revenue and expenditure.
Dealing with India’s Taliban - LTTE
A month after they first queued to vote in India's mammoth general election, the country's voters will learn the outcome on May 16. The election, staggered over five phases — involving five polling days over four weeks, rather than one "election day" — will determine who rules the world's largest democracy.
Best of Aussie hits Lankan screen
Think Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, the late Heath Ledger and Nicole Kidman? They’re all major Hollywood stars who share one thing in common. You’ve guessed it, they’re all from Australia.
Shri Nehru comes as a Buddha Jayanthi visitor
Vesak in 1956 marked the start of the Buddha Jayanthi Year, commemorating the 2500th anniversary of the passing away of Buddha (543 BC). As part of the celebrations, the Government invited heads of State, particularly from Asian countries to visit Sri Lanka and participate in the numerous ceremonies.

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The Global Financial Crisis and Migration
It is no news that world economy is experiencing one of its hardest times ever. It is evident that if not for proper actions by the governments, countires are bound to experience worse times than the Great Depression. In such an environment, how would one feel about moving countires, particularly to settle in with families.
President to announce end of war
The date of such an announcement, The Sunday Times learns, will be designated National Liberation Day to be observed every year. President Rajapaksa is due in Colombo today after a visit to Jordan to attend the World Economic Forum and the G11 summit.
We have finally defeated the LTTE, says President
President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared yesterday that the Sri Lankan armed forces had “finally defeated the LTTE militarily.”
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- Congress sweeps back to office; Jayalalitha’s Eelam call rejected
- Loud blasts point to mass suicide?
- Cuts or failures? Daily blackouts for all
- Park and ride project a flop
- Economic pressure on Lanka mounts: But CB still confident of getting IMF loan
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Friendly Lanka good for India
The hectic Indian General Eelction has just been concluded with an emphatic victory to the Congress Party-led coalition Government.
Manik the maverick and I
A few weeks before he died in a Singapore hospital on May 18th last year, Manik Sandrasagra, the mercurial former impresario and film director reborn as a heritage guru, phoned and said he’d come over and buy two copies of my book Sindbad in Serendib, one for himself, one for his brother.
Hold dollar at Rs 115-President
Commercial banks must cut interest rates, increase lending and contain the US dollar at Rs 115, President Mahinda Rajapaksa told bankers and government officials at a meeting on Tuesday.
PCB comes up with alternate proposals for 2011 World Cup
Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt, who arrived in the island announced on Friday, met the minister of Sports Gamini Lokuge on Friday and the SLC hierarchy on Saturday.
Regal Residencies offers an unmatched square foot price with luxury finishes and amenities
Are you in search of your dream home? Are you looking for that unique combination of exclusivity and elegance with a fusion of comfort, convenience and accessibility?
Facing up to facial patches
"From the point of view of looks the most important is the face and the second most important are the hands," says popular Dermatologist Dr. Lakshman Ranasinghe, explaining that sometimes something goes awry with the pigmentation on the face leading to much concern, heart-ache and lowered self-esteem.
  Financial Times
- President to announce end of war
- Congress sweeps back to office; Jayalalitha’s Eelam call rejected
- We have finally defeated the LTTE, says President
- Loud blasts point to mass suicide?
- Cuts or failures? Daily blackouts for all
- Park and ride project a flop
- Economic pressure on Lanka mounts: But CB still confident of getting IMF loan
- Jobs for Lankans at NATO bases
- British PM warns Sri Lanka of ' consequences' over conflict
- 12 killed, including 7 children - Another needless level crossing tragedy
- PSC, police com. stripped of power
- Stung by magistrate’s behaviour, medical officers suspend mosquito inspections
- Curtain falls on war theatre
- A different battle to save little lives
- No truth in allegations of abuse and rape in camps: CJ
- Extra security for Lankan VIPs, missions and centres
- Special anti-TB programme launched in camps
- Child abuse on the rise, but criminals are going unpunished
- Pradeep’s long journey from despair to dignity
- Forum on Lankan education system
- Angry UNP supporters attack party MPs
- Kandy mayor criticised over public health
- Military conflict vs. propaganda war?
Political Column
End of a bloody era
5th Column
Sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong—always with excellent intentions!!
The Economic Analysis
Fiscal consolidation: imperative but difficult
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Focus on Rights
Inside the glass house
- Dealing with India’s Taliban - LTTE
- The Dollar's Last Days?
- Pakistan presses military offensive as thousands flee
- Kuwaitis vote in second poll in a year
- India confirms first case of swine flu
  Free Hold
- Regal Residencies offers an unmatched square foot price with luxury finishes and amenities
- SLT Rainbow Pages – The national directory information service provider
- Pan Asia Bank shows impressive 1st quarter results
- Pan Asia Bank moves towards new horizons
- PEOPLE'S BANK looking to re-awaken the IDPs
- Hold dollar at Rs 115-President
- IBSL suspension of Janashakthi Insurance too hasty
- MBSL Chairman to appear in computer fraud case
- Jetwing, Hayleys to meet AG
- Wycherley International school now owned by ANC
- Strengthen pension system
- Economic pressure on Sri Lanka
- New book by Central Bank Deputy Governor based on The Sunday Times FT series
- 'Hidden Agenda' in Default Taxes Bill?
- Banks on top in corporate results
- Ceylinco Life takes IT to new level with ‘auto-underwriting’
- Unemployed youths in East to be trained in hotel industry
- Airtel scores with Manchester United
- Gold for ComBank at National Decent Work Awards
- Government slashes T-bill interest rates to 12 %
- Chillies post-awards heats up
- Tourism unaffected by Swine Flu
- Fruit and vegetable-based mix in unique organic fertilizer
- Labour Ministry estimates 70,000 job losses in March-April 2009
- Commodity prices may take long to recover - DPL MD
- F&G depositors take case to Supreme Court
- Harry’s offer to buy Vittachi shares turned down
- Mobitel’s employees contribute to 'ApiWenuwenApi' Fund
- Hasalaka Hospital reopens after renovations
- Eagle sells major stake in subsidiary to NDB Group
- Committee to examine value of assets of GK directors
- Central Bank rejects Miliband's views on IMF loan
- British High Commission property still unsold
- Sri Lanka Tourism securing ME markets
- PCB comes up with alternate proposals for 2011 World Cup
- Another view on the suspension of so-called martial arts in schools
- Trinity grounded
- Soldiers gun down hapless Havelocks
- Royal prevail at Bambalapitiya
- Isipthana defeat Mahanama
- Ghouse passes the magical 20,000 mark
- Royal emerge champions
- AAASL launches “Kids Athletics”
- Kandy SC should overcome challenge
- Double blue cricket carnival -2009
- Easy win for Kingswood
- Hayden powers Chennai into semis
- Practice as a full unit only in England says Lankan team Manager
- Deccans Charged by Rohit Sharma
- Complacency has no place in the game of rugby
- Some inner thoughts on review system
  Funday Times
- Shri Nehru comes as a Buddha Jayanthi visitor
- Kids World
- A world of one
- Twilight -- Poem for the week
- The Global Financial Crisis and Migration
- The best of Australian Education in Singapore
- Another Corporate Social Responsibility Project of AATSL
- Is your child after O/Ls?
- MATRIX, Trusted for ICT Education in Sri Lanka
- "For every path you choose, there is another you must abandon, usually forever"
- Amazing Note Taking
- What you see is what you get !...
- Two prestigious Fellow Awards for an outstanding Sri Lankan
- Accelerate your career progress with Delmege Academy of Languages and Skills
- REVA NO:1 education from India
- West 1 International: Your Mentor for Higher Education in the UK
- Sri Lankan success story at KBU International College
- Gateway kids shine in ICT (Computer) at Sri Lanka OLs
- Postgraduate Qualifications by Oxford College
- Less talk more work
- Experience the Britishness with PAC Asia - Study Abroad
  Medi Scene
- Facing up to facial patches
- Dealing with persistent discomfort in abdomen
- It’s best to be breast aware
- Snippets
- More than feeling just miserable
- Anaphylaxis cannot be prevented but can be treated
- Connie Culp talks about her face transplant
- Arthritis: The many myths and misconceptions
- Tread-a-day keeps illness at bay

- Manik the maverick and I
- Top award for doc of the wilds
- Members of famous sea anglers’ clubhouse in Trinco lost in sea of despair
- Some manufacturers tarnishing the image of Lankan tea -- Letter to the editor
- If lessons aren’t learnt wars will continue -- Letter to the editor
- He was the humane face of the law -- Appreciation
- A wonderful teacher who taught countless students to love maths -- Appreciation
- He was indeed a man of many parts at all times -- Appreciation
- Getting a closer look at the man ‘Inside the Glass House’
- The forgotten problems of the forgotten girls
- Vesak Poya was celebrated at the London Buddhist Vihara
- Lanka’s Dhini ‘the next big thing’ in fashion
- Life After Love in Muthu’s words
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- Best of Aussie hits Lankan screen
- A ‘montage of harmony’ through the years
- Outcry: Namel in challenging role
- Seminar on poetry and short story writing
Mirror Magazine Articles
- An apple a day...
- Valkyrie (2008)
- Festival of Drama
- Facebook goes mobile !
TV Times Articles
- MC on a fast track
- ‘Machan’ picked up for screening in seven countries
- Vivienne Boralessa launches maiden CD
- ‘APREC 2009’: Voice of the Asia-Pacific region
- 1 Dollar promo of Singapore Airlines
- Mano’s maiden exhib ition at Wendt
- Dreams are back
- French comedy of a prison guard
- ‘Crash’ at American Center
- ‘Yasa Isuru’ tackles avarice of man
- TV Times - Cover of the week
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