Sunday January 02, 2005

US troops for Sri Lanka
Temporary early warning process set up
New quake zone close to Lanka
East now flooded after tsunami
Battered LTTE says aid only through TRO
Food lorries ambushed, aid plundered
Power, posts or perks meant little to Pathi
Aid pours in: Can govt. handle it alone?
Funeral of Eardley Perera today
Southern Province: alternative routes for motorists
Brits give generously as politics muddies the scene
Parliament sits on Tuesday
Lawyers set up relief fund for affected members
From north to south a battered people
Hawaii did not know whom to contact in Sri Lanka
Disaster Management Centre was itself a disaster
Will tsunami destruction get us an early warning system?
Tsunami ‘warning’ was on Internet before it hit Lanka
Peradeniya Geology Dept. head warned of calamity
Effective disaster management calls for better co ordination
No Deepthi, no arrest
After the sea terror, the landmine horror
Soldier’s family survives the Samudra death, saves two girls
Doctors brave tsunami to deliver baby
50 mobile hospitals to prevent epidemics
Financial Times
Tsunami shock jolts country’s economy
S&P downgrades SLT rating after cable damage
SMS used to trace hundreds of tourists
Lankan grit; Lankan spirit
A chance to rebuild, reunite (Comment)
Federation of chambers' magnificent initiatives 
Private firms empty markets with purchases for sea surge victims 
New Year greetings and resolutions to business sector leaders
Unilever Sri Lanka and its employees pledge 100 mln 
Tsunami and shareholder value
Sri Lanka's moment of grief and challenge
Action beyond immediate relief
J-Biz urges all political parties to come together
Hutch, Rankatha set up distress call centres in affected areas
Mobiles gave connectivity when landlines broke
Insurance impact still unclear
Murali and fiancee escape killer waves
Harrowing experience for English schoolboys
Tsunami brings horror to cricketers’ families
Jehan's narrow escape from tsunami terror
Funds pour in for tsunami victims from Down Under
Sanath, Sanga in top ten
Lacking the killer punch!
Tour loss a blow
Mithun Perera wins Debug Trophy

They are too young to understand the full wrath of the tsunami catastrophe and too vulnerable to escape its deadly consequences. They are Sri Lanka’s children, having their first meal for the New Year at a Muttur refugee camp. Pic by Ishara S. Kodikara.
The 'I' of the tsunami By Our Political Editor - Political Column
War threat recedes as tsunami batters Tigers - Situation Report
If we work together, we can still hope for a happier New Year - 5th Column
Slurred by "stingy" remark, US reflects its people's generosity - inside the glass house
20 years of war in twenty minutes - The Rajpal Abyenayake Column
Transforming the disaster into a window of economic opportunity
- The Sunday Times Economic Analysis
When the birds of passage fly in
- Thoughts from London
Rising out of the ashes - we need accountability not words - Focus on Rights
Our Agony
Just fifteen minutes
He who knows remedies, scrabble and bonsai 
Animals have sixth sense
Playing a godly game of tolerance
When tsunami waves brought Vihara Maha Devi to Lanka
Looking back and looking forward
Battered by tsunami they now fear disease
Tsunami struck Galle in 1883 says famed futurist writer
Relief to see Wilpattu animals (Kala Korner)
Another flight of different creativity
Serendipity: How the vogue word became vague
Letters to the Editor
TV Times
Ramli: allround talent
‘IRAJ’:New Urban & Asian Hip hop collection
‘Sanduni’ comes with Lankan and Indian cast
‘Parasathu Mal’ in memory of Gamini
‘The First 9 1/2 weeks’ at MC
Jayantha’s ‘Guerilla Marketing’ ready for release
Blade Returns for the Final Cut
Blade Returns for the Final Cut
Mirror Magazine
Holding on to
Three Musketeers in badminton
Reaching out for higher branches
A resolution for you
True spirit of a new ye



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