Doctors brave tsunami to deliver baby
By Gamini Mahadura
Braving the tsunami waves and rising flood waters, doctors at the Mahamodera hospital in Galle continued with a caesarian operation that was in progress.

The doctors were performing the operation on Rohini de Silva (28) of Boraketiya, Uragasmanhandiya when the first wave struck, but had decided to continue, Gynaecologist Hiran Samarage said.

He said the child saw light of day at 9.24 on Sunday, minutes after the tidal waves hit Galle and killed more than 3,000 people there. "People shouted that tidal waves were breaking through the town and submerging the hospital. Then there was power failure. We have to do the sutures with the help of a candle," he said adding that the mother and the child was despatched to safety.

Several expectant mothers and the staff had sought refuge at the Kovilgodalle Viharaya. Later the staff drilled the wall and sent the patients to Karapitiya.

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