No Deepthi, no arrest
By Asif Fuard
The police are yet to arrest Deepthi Bogollagama, wife of Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, in spite of an order from the Attorney General a week ago.

Borella police Inspector K. Amarasinghe said they had sent a team to Mr. Bogollagama's Colombo 7 residence to arrest her but she was not there. "We understand she is in Galle with her husband," he said. There was also reports that she may be in Singapore. Ms. Bogollagama is to be charged with attempted murder.

Last week, the Attorney General instructed the Borella OIC to arrest Ms. Bogollagama and produce her for Non-Summary proceedings before a magistrate on charges of attempting to murder well-known cardiologist Dr. S. Narenthiran, a resident of Borella, by stabbing him.

According to the papers filed, Ms. Bogollagama had visited the cardiologist at his residence and attacked him by repeating the words "I came to kill you". The cardiologist had suffered serious injury to his back and avoided more grievous injury by warding her off with a chair and overpowering her.

Ms. Bogollagama had in turn accused Dr. Narenthiran of trying to sexually attack her, a version the Attorney General has dismissed. The dispute between Ms. Bogollagama and Dr. Narenthiran was over a defamation case filed by Mr Bogollagama against Dr. Narenthiran's fiancé, Dr. Nishadi Ranasinghe.

Dr. Narenthiran was admitted to the National Hospital where he was treated and discharged. A day after the attack, Ms. Bogollagama had attended the Shahrukh Khan musical show. She was also seen on stage at a Matara ceremony to commemorate President Chandrika Kumaratunga's tenth year in office.

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