If we work together, we can still hope for a happier New Year
My Dear Satellite, Green Man, Velu and Tilvin,
We thought we must write to all of you together this New Year in these traumatic times when everyone is devastated by what happened on the day after Christmas. In the week that has passed since then, we have seen horrific images of how a few minutes of destruction wreaked havoc that would take years to undo.

It is difficult to look positively at such a catastrophe but we are encouraged by your collective response to this disaster which must surely be the most destructive that this country has ever witnessed in modern times.

Satellite, for once you didn't say this is a conspiracy by the Greens and start calling everyone names but called instead for a team effort to try and rebuild our country. You also had the courage to invite even the Tigers to join in and we saw you shaking the hands of female Tiger cadres on your visit to the East.

Legend has it that when there was a similar tragedy in the past, Vihara Maha Devi was sent to sea to appease the sea gods. Satellite, we don't expect such a sacrifice from you but if you can sacrifice the political ambitions of you and your party and do what is best for the country, then you would have done your bit to ensure your place in history.

Green Man, it was heartening to see you visit those affected and talk to them in their hour of need. You also sent your party men to meet with Satellite and discuss rescue plans. Why, when you were touring the East, we even saw you in the company of Tyronne Appu who deserted you recently. We can only hope that you will continue the good work, regardless how many more MPs cross over to the other side.

It was also heartening, Velu, to see you express your sympathies to whom you called your "Muslim and Sinhala brethren". It may be too early to expect a transformation in your agenda but we were pleasantly surprised to hear your political wing leader saying that the disaster could help bridge the gulf between the two sides although he was initially complaining about the amount of aid the North and East was receiving.

Tilvin, we heard that your comrades were jeered when they visited the North but that is only to be expected given the public statements of your comrade Wee Wee. Even Wee Wee seems to be shocked by the tragedy and was seen to be quite deferential towards the lady whom he called a 'bibikkama' earlier. We are happy that you are able to shed your differences at least in these difficult times.

We don't really believe much can be achieved by finding out who was to blame for all this although the Americans did offer a pathetic excuse saying they did not know whom to contact when they knew a tidal wave was on its way.

Instead, if this disaster prompts you to resolve to work together instead of the squabbling, killing and yelling at each other like all of you did in the year that has just ended, may be we can still hope for a happier New Year, even if it comes at a price of nearly 30,000 Sri Lankan lives.
Yours truly
Punchi Putha

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