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A resolution for you
As another year is about to begin, many are trying to make new beginnings in their lives as well. How do New Year resolutions work? Are they any good? Dilshath Banu takes a closer look

Another New Year is just around the corner with a new calendar of events waiting to happen. Some may wonder what might be in store for them in the coming 12 months and plan to get their horoscopes read as soon as possible. Yet the most striking thing in a New Year is – the New Year resolutions we make. Whether it’s about weight loss, quitting smoking, watching less TV or studying hard, it’s floating in your mind saying, “This year I am planning to…”

However, within a few days you forget what you had promised yourself. Most New Year’s resolutions are on the verge of collapsing before the end of January and most won’t even be remembered six months later. The reason is simple. Most are made in response to something negative, a habit or situation that the person wants to change or end. That’s where the problem creeps in – it’s hard to develop momentum from a negative response. It’s always easier to move towards something than away from something.

New Year means everything is new. People want to start everything anew. And the New Year is a great chance to make this beginning. It gives individuals a chance to face a new week and a new month. Yet, the New Year itself doesn’t change the behaviour of people,” says Fihama (19), adding, “Many of us forget New Year resolutions within a couple of months or weeks of making them. And then it’s all over.”

For Adnaan (25), the start of the New Year is just another day. “If you want to change anything, you shouldn’t be waiting until the New Year dawns. You could change even now,” says Adnaan. He reveals that he never has solid resolutions, but plans more flexible resolutions so that he can survive. And usually he is able to work out some of those flexible resolutions.

Rusiru (19) says that he doesn’t believe in New Year resolutions, as he can’t live up to them. “There’s too much on the plate and simply no time to consider everything,” said Rusiru. Having the same belief on New Year resolutions is Sumagali (22) who believes that circumstances may change us and the things we thought of doing, probably won’t happen. “If people wanted to change themselves they don’t have to wait until another end of a year to draw self-development resolutions.”

Thamarasi (23) had been somewhat successful in keeping New Year resolutions. “I had made some New Year resolutions, and had the strength to keep them – not totally, but at least I am trying to reach the goal,” she says.

“Keeping New Year resolutions depends on individuals. When one focuses on his/ her goal, most probably they’ll achieve it. And you need a little bit of control as well. I am not good at keeping New Year resolutions, in that I am prone to breaking it,” says Kanchana (23).

“The New Year is a good reminder. But New Year resolutions are useless, unless they are properly programmed,” says Dr. Asoka N. Jinadasa, Strategic Planner and Senior PR Consultant at Rowland PR, adding, “real success lies in life plans, not in making resolutions.” However, Dr. Jinadasa gives us some hints to focus on and keep New Year resolutions alive.

Focus on what you want to achieve
When you really want to change your behaviour, get motivated. When people are really motivated to reach an outcome, they put their whole heart into what they’re doing. In order to be motivated, and keep the momentum going through ups and downs, it’s crucial to constantly focus on your purpose; why you want the goal in first place.

Drive yourself through passion
It’s impossible to be driven towards your goal, unless you are being pushed by something. And this something is passion. Passion fuels enthusiasm and determination. It’s the one thing which makes you hang on while the storm blows through your life. You should be madly in love with the things you want to do. Then no matter what you go through, you will be able to conquer them.

Visualise your desired outcome constantly
Just as a dream seems so real, when you visualise your desire, your mind will go about making it happen.

Everything that was ever accomplished by humans was first seen in the mind’s eye. And it’s no different from the challenges you face. When you see it as handled, as fixed, as done and as a raging success in your mind, then you WILL reach your objective. Or at least you will be able to put all your being into it. Unfortunately, this is where all us fail, because we never imagine what we want or would like to have. So start to imagine now!

Build a support web around you
In order to achieve the above, you need to have people around you to motivate you. There are dozens of people you can talk to when you need to improve your life. Maybe it’s your family, friends, cousins, teachers or people who are very close to you. But be careful of the negative thoughts that negative people can impose on your brain. Be very careful, when choosing your supportive web.

The will to achieve!
Says Dr. Jinadasa, “If you want to achieve anything the whole universe is there for you. Most of the self-restriction we have is due to conditioning by parents when we are kids. Parents sometimes don’t want to see their children doing certain things. They tell the children what not to do, robbing the latter of various opportunities, not only when they are kids, but also when they become adults. And unfortunately, this cycle passes down from one generation to another.” So remember we have it in us to make things happen!


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