Lankan grit; Lankan spirit
This picture taken at the Blue Water Hotel when swirling waters hit the bottom floor says it all about last week's tragedy. The far greater challenge however lies in the weeks ahead when the task of rebuilding the nation and healing the affected gets underway.

A gigantic effort is required in the rebuilding process with the number one priority being one single word - COORDINATION. Scores of individuals, families and groups are pitching in wanting to help but not sure how to go. The government must bring in the private sector in the rebuilding effort in a partnership that would utilise the administrative mechanism plus the expertise and financial resources of the business community.

The private sector is far more efficient than government and should be driving this initiative - together as a group; not divided on chamber lines. There must be an umbrella organisation as our graphic shows that will prepare a strategy plan, monitor and implement it for affected communities. If an individual or family wants to for example help a village or provide a drinking well facility, this mechanism should provide that opportunity.

It would have been nice to see our business and chamber leaders rolling up their sleeves and fancy western suits, touring the affected regions and consoling the people.

They need to show the community that they care - not just by doling out money. It is still not too late to do so. Lankan grit; Lankan spirit - is what we need from the business community. Everywhere - from foreign tourists to local survivors - we hear of the selfless efforts of many Sri Lankans.

This crisis thus is clearly binding the nation together, providing the healing it needs to overcome a bigger hurdle - the ethnic conflict. - Business Editor

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