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True spirit of a new ye
By Chandrani Fernando
Another new year dawned yesterday. 2005! Another 365 days.
Sena brought home a New Year hamper. His wife wanted him to buy one. The newspapers had advertised hampers. Sena settled for the cheapest one although his wife had chosen a more expensive one. She said that their neighbours would be celebrating the New Year on a grand scale. But Sena knew where to draw the line. Sena’s wife was not happy with the hamper. But she did not want to quarrel with her husband on New Year’s day. After all we celebrate the New Year for only one day. “Why shouldn’t we spend so much on one?” she thought.

Sena and Sreema were not spendthrifts. But a day of significance like the New Year is not something that one should overlook and they celebrated it with milk rice, and sweetmeats.

“The people next door brought a lot of goods yesterday,” Sreema complained. “If they have money let them spend,” Sena replied. “We should have celebrated it better.” Sreema did not stop. “We have to be satisfied with what we have,” came the unhesitant reply.

“Why should I fight over a little thing like this?” Sreema thought. As for Sena, he thought, “It is not worth arguing on a day like this.” They were silent for a while.

While reading the newspaper Sreema came across a news item about flood victims in a village. Sreema read the news item to Sena. He just listened. She wanted to know why Sena was silent. “There are so many people who suffer while we enjoy ourselves,” Sena replied. Sreema did not argue with Sena.

Although she yearned for comforts she was happy that she had an intelligent husband. She thought of the number of people who live on the streets. Especially the street children. What a shame to be selfish when one could easily be a philanthropist.

“Why do people hoard money?” Sreema asked Sena. It was not that Sreema did not know that majority of the people in the country who were poor. But she wanted to show off being among the rich and the affluent. After all she was just another woman who wanted to keep up with her neighbours.

By the end of the day Sreema had come close to realising the truth. The new year has dawned with a lot of resolutions, Sena thought. Sena was happy that Sreema was coming out of a dream world. All these years Sena had been preaching to Sreema. But she had not listened to him. So, 2005 is going to be a happy year thought Sena. Yet he had some doubts. One could never be sure about the future.

At this juncture Kumar and Rani arrived to wish Sreema and Sena a “Happy New Year!”“Let’s start the new year with a bottle machang!” Kumar said. “With a bottle!” Sena asked. “Yes! Here I brought the best.” Kumar said. “Sorry machang, I thought of being a teetotaller from this year onwards,” Sena said. Sreema could not believe her ears.

“Keep it up Sena!” Rani said. She asked her husband to follow the footsteps of his friend.“Must see,” Kumar murmured. “Not must see! Make a firm decision,” Rani said.ar


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