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‘Sanduni’ comes with Lankan and Indian cast
The final touches has being given to “Sanduni”, a Sri Lankan movie with a joint cast from Sri Lanka and India and the film would soon be ready for release via the MPI and LFD circuits.

Among the local stars in ‘Sanduni’ are Rex Kodippili, Arjuna Kamalanath, M. V. Balan, M. K. Sudakar while Indian artistes Anannthi Dilshasha, Harinath Narasingman and child actress Aishwarya make the rest of the cast.

The story revolves around little ‘Sanduni’ who lives with her well-to-do father after her mother had left them. The huge property inherited by Sanduni’s father is handled by his brother Bonny and his secretary Maureen.

A monkey, a dog and a goat are friends of Sanduni and they too are looked after by Sanduni’s father, Gamini. The family doctor, Ranga is a close friend of this family. Bonny and Maureen secretly plan to own the property belonging to Gamini. They plan to convince the neighbours that Gamini is under mental disorder. But this is prevented after the family doctor, Ranga intervenes. Later they plot to poison Gamini and abduct the doctor.

They plan to kill Sanduni by creating a situation where the monkey shoots her. Will Bonny and Maureen succeed in carrying out their murderous plots to possess Gamini’s property? What roles can the animals play in the film to defend the innocents?

‘Sanduni’ was entirely shot in locations in India. To a story and script of A. A. Junaideen, Suresh Kumarasinghe directed the film and it is jointly produced by P. Arune and A. A. Junaideen.


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