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‘The First 9 1/2 weeks’ at MC
The movie ‘The First 9 1/2 weeks’ will be released at Majestic cinema, Colombo from January 7. Starring Paul Mercurio, Malcolm Mcdowell and Clara Bellar, the film is directed by Alex Wright. Rated under the adult’s only tag ‘The First 9 1/2 weeks’ is an Imperial Presentation and is released by CEL.

Matt Wade, a bright, young New York Currency trader is sent to New Orleans to land the $500 million dollar account of Cajun billionaire Francois Dubois, a cruel, arrogant man, paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

When he arrives at the Dubois estate, Matt is caught up in a web of sensuous depravity and deceit. The carnality of Mardi Gras is all consuming as Matt soon discovers. He stumbles upon a couple making wild love in the stable, As he looks away, he locks eyes with Emily, Dubois’ young wife who has also been watching, The physical attraction between them is instant, intense and electric. A sexual passion so over powering, they know it must be satisfied.

Obsessed with lustful desire for Emily, Matt pleads with her to leave her husband and come with him to New York. But Dubois exacts revenge for his wife’s unfaithfulness. He devises an elaborate plot that forces Matt to run, facing charges of assault and murder.

Feeling powerless and close’ to insanity, Matt wanders blindly through the streets of New Orleans. His search for help leads him into a “night shadow” world of decadence, To escape this nightmare world and rescue his lover, Matt returns to the Dubois estate. What he discovers makes “The First 9 1/2 Weeks” is a shocking and stunning, masterpiece of deception and seduction.


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