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Darkness at noon

A fortnight ago, we mentioned in this space how farmers accustomed to a fertilizer subsidy would resist its withdrawal even if it came packaged differently. Similarly, this country, now accustomed to uninterrupted power supply, considered a privilege in countries in this part of the world, went ballistic this week when…



Seeing a shared humanity wherever she goes

Seeing a shared humanity wherever she goes

When documenting a bumper crop of captive bred pandas in China, photojournalist Ami Vitale carefully donned a panda suit soaked in panda urine to take her pictures. Bred…


Chandra Ranaraja She leaves behind footsteps in the sands of time It is difficult to believe that Chandra Ranaraja is no more. She passed away as peacefully as…



Enough is enough! Our leadership must have the courage to repress populism In recent times I have been reading a great deal about Sinhala Buddhist Culture and the…

A life-sustaining collaboration

A life-sustaining collaboration

Do not release even a drop of rainwater to the sea without first utilising it” –King Parakramabahu’s wisdom of old highlights the importance of water conservation. Anyone who…

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Gamini Dissanayake —  a politician with a vision

Gamini Dissanayake — a politician with a vision

When Theodore Roosevelt once remarked, “The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency”…

Those who live by the Dhamma will be protected by it

Did sex with extinct species help humans spread?

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Encouraging volunteerism

Encouraging volunteerism

Looking to make a difference ? There are many youth volunteer groups out there that could…

For the love of the ‘Blues’

Vacation packing for a fashionista

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‘Socrates’ back in town

‘Socrates’ back in town

The second public performance of Nimal Ekanayake’s theatrical production ‘Socrates’ based on the life of a…

‘It’s not in the Stars’

OTSC celebrates 60 years at the Battle of the Blues 

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Funday Times

Hiding Kitty

Hiding Kitty

Tharaka and Neesha lived with their aunty and uncle. One day on their way home back…

Making Traditional Masks

Snow White

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