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Important role for oversight committees

The Parliamentary Oversight Committees began their work this week, but alas, it was not a very auspicious start. Many Members of Parliament did not attend the inaugural meeting. Long advocated by the Prime Minister as what he calls turning the whole Parliament into a Government, the scheme is an extension…



D.R. rises to the occasion

D.R. rises to the occasion

Keble’s biography also touches on D.R. Wijewardene’s aversion to speaking in public and two occasions when he had no choice but to do so. Here are he speeches. It…

He climbed every mountain for a university in the hills

Doyen of the Press in Sri Lanka and a pivotal figure in the movement to obtain Independence, D.R. Wijewardene whose 130th birth anniversary is commemorated on February 23,…

A Poya connected with the Buddha Sasana

Navam Pura Pasalosvaka Poya which falls tomorrow, is signified as the day the first ever Sangha Sangayanaya or the Congregation of the Sangha took place for the formation…

‘It is every science student’s dream to be a small part of something big’

‘It is every science student’s dream to be a small part of something big’

The scientific community and the world at large was taken by storm last week when an international team of scientists managed to detect gravitational waves, finally confirming renowned…

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Showing off or neigh (nay)?

Showing off or neigh (nay)?

Through the early morning mist and the spray of water, I looked upon the couple of…

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Celebrating of Mary Anne David’s 47th Anniversary

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