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Breath of fresh air: Don’t let it be blown away

Come February 4 each year, it is always a useful and appropriate time for an annual stock taking on the state of the nation. Next week, Sri Lanka celebrates the 67th anniversary of her Independence – from 400 years of foreign rule. Now, we are the masters of our land, captains…



Turn back the pages with a click

Turn back the pages with a click

As the country readies to celebrate Independence Day on February 4, Adilah Ismail talks to the movers behind archiving a pictorial history of our land on social media…


Viable projects should be continued for the benefit of all Many ambitious projects were launched by the previous government. A majority of them were the development of existing…

Beating to the sounds of culture and religion

The precursor to the modern Navam maha perahera of the Gangarama was a perahera held every July in the early part of the 20th century. It had elephants-…

Shedding light on Sal trees

Shedding light on Sal trees

You can see it in almost any temple. Its six pastel-pink petals and its strong, almost cloyingly sweet fragrance are unmistakable. It is of course the sal flower,…

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Poets take the Mic

Poets take the Mic

Hoping for a quiet evening at the Coffee Bean last Sunday with a few metres of…

An eye for community service and development

Battling it out ‘voice off ’style

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‘Mage Lowata’: Anniversary Wish for Parents

‘Mage Lowata’: Anniversary Wish for Parents

‘Mage Lowata’, the latest composition of multi-talented musician Rukshan Karunanayake of ‘Chimes of The 70s’ fame was…

Rhythm of 70s and 80s

An Unforgettable Evening

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A Happy New Year for Spot

A Happy New Year for Spot

The little puppy couldn’t remember how he ended up on the road. He could vaguely remember…

Kids world

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