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Geneva: Focus on damage control now

By the Indian Minister of External Affairs meeting a team of visiting Sri Lankan journalists in New Delhi this week, the public here had the benefit of a clearer picture of the Indian position on the anti-Sri Lanka resolution coming up before the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva…



When Bellamy Brothers let their music flow

When Bellamy Brothers let their music flow

‘If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me’….. many of those who watched and listened to the legendary Bellamy Brothers live in…

In search of a unifying goddess

There is a time in the wake of her great rage – after she has torn her left breast out, after she has called fire down on the…



Norochcholai coal power plant – some unanswered questions The Sunday Times article on February 2 carries some explanations by officials of the Power and Energy Ministry and the…


My favourite aunt, the pragmatist on all occasions Mackiya Shums My maternal aunt, Mackiya Chichi as we nieces called her, was an absolute pragmatist. She believed in absolute…

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War, war, all the way for Brits

War, war, all the way for Brits

The generals are beside themselves, Whitehall’s in a panic. After generations of continuous warfare, the British…

New life for Lanka-Aussie ties

“Time To Act”: SLANA hosts public forum on drug abuse

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Indulging in his love for story telling

Indulging in his love for story telling

Soul Singer Sheaam Deen speaks to Duvindi Illankoon about his latest release ‘Afterglow’ Sheaam Deen has the…

Love unconditionally

Voices raised in harmony

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Getting in shape

Getting in shape

A nip here, a tuck there and an injection elsewhere and you are as good as…

The science of skin

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