Illusion of Future Happiness

Every person seeks happiness! Knowingly and unknowingly most of us seek happiness through what we do. However, only a few people feel really happy. I'm sure you'll agree that no person truly likes be unhappy.

Astonishingly, though most of us seek happiness quite often, it seems to avoid us. Unfortunately unhappiness appears to govern most people's lives. In order to miss what you seek so often, it may be related to what you do quite often. Else you'll not receive the least - what you seek most (happiness) and receive what you avoid most.(lack of happiness).

Allow your mind to inquire
Allow your mind to inquire about what you just read. As you inquire, your mind will most often provide you with a list of reasons. You'll feel that this is due to the problems you have to face in life. You'll sense that a life filled with happiness is only a dream that will never come true during this life time. Your mind will tell you that happiness and success in life can't go hand in hand.

Although your mind justifies this with many reasons, if what you most often feel is a lack of happiness - acknowledge it. Realize that this situation can be changed. There is nothing good or bad in what happens. These are only thoughts that arise. Allow these thoughts to come and allow them to go. As you allow such thought to come and go, you'll appreciate the possibility of a life that feels less unhappy and much happier. You'll realize that what ever your life is today, you are able to be happy now. You'll realize that it is not a dream to be realized in the future. The myth of the happiness that can only arise in the future will dissolve. A sense of joyfulness will emerge.

Let go of Rules
What are the rules that govern your life? Simply witness them. Allow your mind to inquire them. As you do so, you'll notice the awakening of a new realization of happiness. You'll notice that most rules that govern your happiness are only a creation of your mind. When you fulfill rules you feel happy. When rules are not fulfilled you are unhappy. What happens if you drop all rules? You'll have no rules to fulfill. Effortlessly you'll feel happy. A happiness you've never felt before will emerge.

How to Let Go
Letting go is extremely easy. Imagine holding a stone tight. What will happen if you let go of the grip. The stone will simply fall. What will the hand holding the stone feel? The hand will feel lighter. You will feel relieved.

Now think of a rule you've imposed upon your self. Imagine the rule as a stone you are holding. Suddenly let go of the rule. See it drop and notice the gentle relief you feel. Close your eyes gently. Think of a rule that is linked to happiness. Imagine holding it in your hand. Release the grip on the rule and witness it fall. Notice the lightness that you feel there after. Allow this lightness to spread through every cell and every fiber of your body. Notice the lightness that arises as you let go of. Notice the gentle happiness that emerges.

As you let go of the rules linked to happiness and unhappiness, joyfulness will arise from within. Joy full is neither happiness nor unhappiness. Allow this to emerge. Enjoy it. Until we meet again and explore more about joyfulness -Boundless blessings!

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