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Question: I'm employed in a private bank and having 8 years of service. I have completed Certificate in Banking and Finance. I m planning to do a degree in Australia

My questions are
What would be the best Programme / course to choose in Banking & Finance
(I came across M.Com in Banking and Finance AND Masters in Professional Accounting)
Would I able to find a job there?

How successful would be the degree in Sri Lanka (the acceptance, when / if I return to Sri Lanka)?

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Dear Rajiv,
Answer: When I read your question, I see a hidden agenda and based on the limited information provided the following concerns can be summarized:You want to explore opportunities in Australia, but you are not sure if this would work out
The academic option to achieve this would be to acquire an Australian qualification , where this would help you to get the job you require
I am assuming the bank has not recognized your potential and shown you a clear career path
You have not taken stock of your vision board and you are going through the traditional career blocks that everyone faces
Your formula to win can be based on the following:
"You may want to consider a country like Dubai, where with your current qualification can be further stretched to achieve your final qualification ,and I know for a fact that the jobs in banking are plenty, this will also help you to strengthen your CV build your finances and move in to Australia at a higher level
"There many qualification options available, however as a policy I will not recommend the best option, that is for you to choose, however a simple web search, together with discussions with the experts would help you to prioritize. My suggestion is for you to select a globally recognized qualification in this way you could also spread your risk
"You may also want to consider moving out your current bank , where your personal agenda can be fulfilled , do not underestimate your core strengths, I have many friends who have added on a CIM qualification to move up the ladder in the bank
My final thought for you is to reexamine your vision board and prioritize your key actions.
Stay focused things would not come to you that easy.

Q: I am an Agriculture Graduate, who is at present unemployed.
I also have just completed my LLB and at the first instant you may find that I am competent for the job market.
But right now, I want to remain in the field of science, and I am looking forward to work on scientific research field. But I find no luck in that, yet I really am fond of working on a science project. I cannot go abroad, since I cannot afford it. Please help me to find an answer to my problem.

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Dear Raveendra,
A: Good to know that you distilling the facts into a more balanced and tangible out put, where you could build your competitiveness, I would recommend the following: road map for success:
"Based on what you like to do you could explore the food processing industry and look at options of starting as an intern at Keells foods, Cargills , Prima or even companies like Baurs or CIC Agri business, where if you get into the New product division you could concurrently pick your preferred area of research . The challenge for global food giants such as Nestle is how to deliver double the calorie intake with half of the quantity of food consumed. Do your home work and prioritize the companies you want to work for.
"To answer your second question, I suggest you pick a stakeholder or organization that helps you leverage your research , again this would be based on you deciding the academic VS professional route for example if you pick a university you could probably look at getting a scholarship based on your research topic (rice) outside the country in China or Thailand or any other industry standard country or company in your chosen field
"You could also take a Hybrid approach to this as well, where with your LLB qualification and Agri qualification you may push to get a job as a product development executive in the food processing industry or one which help s you be the best at what you do
But first prior to all options get your Vision board right and use my CV format to update your CV and send it to the head hunting companies and related friends and experts network

Q: Dear Sir,
I'm a 19 year old student, currently studying for my American degree in Aeronautical Engineering in a local College, after my A/Ls in 2007, which I started few months ago. My long term goal is to become an aircraft manufacturer. In mean time I heard about a Chinese university where I can get same degree for cheaper tuition fees. Therefore I planned to do my Bachelors degree in China and follow my Masters degree in United States.
I want to know,
What's the difference between an American Degree and a Chinese Degree.
How does the world recognize a Chinese Degree?
And will I have to pay for my decision in future.

Chiran J
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Dear Chiran,
A: You hidden concerns are correct when it comes to these type of qualifications there are many and the some of them are not recognized. Prior to any decision do a comprehensive check on the recognition and transfer status and then make you decision, usually the more recognized the more expensive, As a policy I am not able to tell you what are the weaknesses in each option, however let me try to give you a check list, which will help you make the decision

Look for Specific Accreditation of the home country
Accreditation by an international body
Curriculum Structure and can you transfer or get exemptions
Is there an innovative study component ,if so are they topical, some use old stuff ask for evidence
Student strength and profile of Faculty in terms experience or are they arm chair?
Rank among top 10 schools , in specific country or region
Current reputation , you can check if the Masters in the US accept these programmes
I hope your Vision Board is in Place prior to your hop on.

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