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Sunday September 28, 2003

CBK faces split over JVP, talks again
President Chandrika Kumaratunga has consented to the resumption of talks with the JVP in an apparent move to prevent a split in her own party and avoid the JVP gaining the upper hand by forming a broad opposition coalition with some of her own members of the alliance.

Banks scandal: Big names owe billions to state banks
More than 100 companies - including some big names - owe billions of rupees to state banks, parliament was told.

Karu opens what Anu opened
Plans by the Ceylon Electricity Board to ceremonially commission two power stations that have already been commissioned have been hit by a bolt of criticism over the staggering cost of the ceremonies.

SLMM seeks LTTE clearance for troops
Scandinavians monitors are to seek LTTE permission for government security force members in civvies to use the A9 road through the LTTE-controlled areas.

Lawyers to throw the book at accountants
The Bar Association yesterday decided to take legal action against accountancy firms which are allegedly involved in what is seen as the improper practice of bypassing legal procedures.

Mass support evaporates at Pongu Thamil
Since the government entered into the cease-fire agreement with the Tamil guerrillas nearly 20 months back, the guerrillas have kept their communication lines open with the civilian population living in government controlled areas in the north and east.

Mahinda proposes Trinco solution
Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapakse who visited Trincomalee for an extensive on-the-spot probe has warned that the security forces could become vulnerable because the state media was being used to demoralize them.

Police Commission turmoil continues
An Independent Police Commission member who allegedly canvassed for her brother's police promotion has been directed to appear before the Constitutional Council which is investigating the issue, Chairman of the Constitutional Council and Speaker Joseph Michael Perera said.

Dressed like an ancient warrior, an LTTE supporter climbs a pole to fly the LTTE flag at the Pongu Thamil celebration at the Vavuniya Urban Council grounds. This flag was hoisted in a manner that it could not be brought down hurriedly unless by climbing the pole, following an SLMM ruling that LTTE flags must not be flown in government-controlled areas. (See related story) Pic by Lakshman Gunathillake


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