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Conventional Regional Houses on Bonsoir...
This week’s edition of Bonsoir will feature perennial regional houses in France and in Sri Lanka. Bonsoir begin the magazine visiting to 15th century wooden houses in the Troiye region in France.

The Programme then move onto the island of Noirmoutier, where the conventional Vendee houses are located. These houses are a part of the regional heritage by the French. Next we take a look at the hidden homes in the countryside. They exhibit the 18th century craftsmanship of shipbuilders in the region of St. Malo.

Back home, Bonsoir visit some of the wattle and daub thatched houses of Himadurawa, a farming hamlet in the dry zone. Finally the programme take you to the conventional Basque houses in South Western France. The peculiarity of these houses is that they do not have solid foundations. Of course you will have an half hour full of info on regional dwelling..

This week Bosoir is presented and produced by Dilini Jayamanne.
Bonsoir on Channel EYE at 9.30 p.m. on Monday

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