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Open secret
The pro-LTTE stance of Hindu Affairs Minister T. Maheswaran is an open secret. Recently while dining at the MPs cafeteria in Parliament with a group of JVP legislators, the MP had drawn a map of Sri Lanka and asked some of the his colleagues to mark out the important towns in the north and east. After it was done, he had cut off the northern part declaring, "We already have this part."
" What about the eastern section, " one of the JVP MPs has queried only to be told "We will soon have that part as well."

Wires crossed?
It seems that it's not only the ordinary citizens of this country who have a difficult and arduous task getting a telephone connection.

Last Friday, PA Kandy district MP D.M. Jayaratne had a question put in the Order Book of Parliament, directed at Mass Communication Minister Imtiaz Bakeer Marker, why a telephone he had applied for in February this year has not been allocated so far. Mr. Jayaratne was not present to ask the question which another of his colleagues did. Mr. Jayaratne has said that in February a letter was sent through Parliament for the speedy supply of a telephone to his residence in Colombo 5 and queried when this telephone would be made available. Strangely the reply was that the telephone had been provided in March this year. It's difficult to say whether it's the MP or the Minister who got his wires crossed on this one.

Trick that didn't work
A former policeman claiming to have worked for a father-son parliamentarian duo from the Matale district attempted to make his way to Parliament last week. Fortunately a few vigilant police personnel on duty noticed he had made an earlier attempt to enter the place only to be told he cannot be allowed in, as he had been involved in several illegal activities.

The man was apprehended and handed over to the Welikada police. It was later found that he was wanted in Anuradhapura in connection with several robberies. There is little talk of his alleged connection with the politicians whom he claimed he once worked for.

Wrong men punished
There has been a reaction to our story titled " Carrying on regardless" which appeared in the Sunday Times of September 7 but it wasn't the expected response.
One of the security guards, attached to the institution under question coming within the purview of the Transport Ministry, has been interdicted while another has been transferred to Kandy for allegedly leaking information to the paper. But the official reason given to the man who was interdicted is that he brought a cellular phone into the premises, which is prohibited by written order at the said institution.

The other man had been sent to Kandy as there was a vacancy for such a post there. Sorry Mr. Chairman, you got the wrong men. The moles are still in place.

Only safe up there
The latest casualty in road rage incidents that are on the increase throughout the country was a pilot attached to the national airline Sri Lankan. The man was being driven home after work when his vehicle knocked down a motorcyclist at Seeduwa last Sunday killing the rider.

The frightened driver had fled the scene leaving the pilot behind. Angry crowds who gathered at the scene had pulled him out of the vehicle and beaten him badly. At least there is no such fear of mob violence up in the skies.

Costly exercise
Last week the Fire Brigade had been called in to put out a fire which had broken out in the garbage at the Colombo Port. Accordingly the vehicles of the Fire Brigade had set off and on the way the officer in-charge of one of the vehicles had directed the driver to go carefully as it wasn't a case of real urgency.

But the overzealous driver who had paid little attention to the advice has driven even faster causing the vehicle to overturn, incurring a couple of million rupees worth of damage to the vehicle. Fire Brigade officials might be wondering whether it would have been better if they had neglected the call about the fire, as it was a rubbishy matter which eventually turned out to be a costly exercise.

Horagolla sans Crown Princess
The President's habits of coming late and making last minute cancellations seems to have irked her family members as well.The function was the Bandaranaike commemoration day, which was being held at Horagolla on Friday. Arrangements had been made for the President's arrival with the PSD in full force to ensure security only to have a last minute announcement that she would not be attending as she had another official appointment.It was obvious to onlookers that the most annoyed seemed to be the President's sister who was seen gesturing to brother Anura as if to say," Api danne neha" (We don't know).

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