Millennium Cup with Sundera
The first day's play in the Millennium Trophy Golf Competition was studded with a few cracking performances and moving streets ahead were Mervyn Hettiarachchi and Jerome Kumar Rajendran. Both shot exceptionally good 7 under par scores.

Hettiarachchi has a pleasant swing which moves comfortably despite an untidy waistline. He is extremely enthusiastic and packs a will to win. Rajendran is cautious off the tees and quite skillful round the greens and trust a lot on luck. Both celebrated their performances extravagantly at the 19th hole. Coming up behind with creditable performances were V.T. Sunderalingam 65, S. Virawanathan 67 and A. Ahamed 67.

2nd Day
Hettiarachchi and Rajendran slipped and fell by the wayside after creditable performances on the first day giving way to an absolutely splendid round by H. Weerasekera who shot the best for the day and his career best 63 to be judged the best performer. I understand that he was with glee giving shot by shot commentaries of his performance to whoever had the time to listen. This is very normal and common practice among all golfers after top notch performances. Sheron Fernando too was quite exceptional with 64 followed by Adrian Perera and Ron Bakelman on 66, S. Wettimuny, A.H. Sherrifdeen, C. Thurairaja and V.T. Sunderalingam looked delighted with nett 68 each.

Super Cop Wins
The lanky gangling V.T. Sunderalingam also known as "Super Cop" came through very creditably with 2 flashing rounds of 65 and 68 to make 133 and get streets ahead of the entire field and reach the Millennium Trophy amidst applause from a packed Clubhouse. Hefty Arshad Ahamed came good again with two encouraging rounds of 67 and 69 followed by colourful personality Mervyn Hettiarachchi who shot 64 and 72 and quite a few others at the 19th hole.

Disaster Zone
This area was loaded with centurions, confetti makers and reckless casualties. The pond boys were jubilant picking a massive harvest to make a great weekend. Aravind Mahendra and Rohith Fonseka raised absolute hell and Chula Jinadasa was unusually unique with twin hundreds.

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