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‘The Fast and the Furious’: About car races
‘The Fast and the Furious’, a movie portraying the power and allure of the subcultures at several late-nights races on the industrial outskirts of Los Angeles is now on at the Majestic Cinema .

Rob Cohen has directed this film, which leaves you in suspense throughout.
Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) drives on the streets of Los Angeles as if he owns them. As far as his crew is concerned, he does. He spends his days putting wrench-time into his high performance racing cars-make and model matter less than the computer controlled fuel injection that makes them fly. At mights, Dominic pilots his own earth-bound rocket, pocketing as much as $10,000 a ride when somebody has the nerve to race him.

Brian (Paul Walker) is hooked, hungry and ready to test the limits, too. He prides himself on street smarts, but to this crowd he’s white bread. He seeks Dominic’s approval behind the wheel of his own NOS-injected muscle machine.
After a blazing encounter with ruthless Johnny Tran (Rick Yune), Dominic decides Brian is all right.

Dominic’s sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) likes what she sees, too. The thing is they don’t know he’s a cop. Brian is under deep cover, investigating a series of sensational big-rig hijackings.

The police and FBI need it to stop before the truckers take matters into their own hands. Cash flows freely though the street-racing scene and the cops know some of that money is dirty. Dominic and Johnny are both suspects. As the rivalry between Dominic’s and Johnny Trian’s crews escalate to ever more dangerous levels, Brian’s bonds with Dominic and Mia deepen.

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