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Fondue fiesta at Taj
The Taj Samudra hotel now has a spread from the traditional Cheese Fondue to the more unusual sweet and irresistible Chocolate Fondue for the next week at the Steak & Grill House.

The team of chefs at Taj have put together a scrumptious variety, which will appeal to the most discerning palate. The joy of fondue is the participation in the cooking and eating, which happen simultaneously. A chilled glass of wine from well-stocked cellar will truly help enhance the dining experience.

The word fondue comes from the French word ‘fonder’ which interpreted means to melt. Folklore speaks of the long cold winter months when food was scarce and cheese, the all time favourite turned old and hard. Hungry villagers would put it into a pot of wine to soften and melt it, and this is how fondue originated.

The Steak & Grill House has also introduced Stone Cooking, where prime cuts of meat from their extensive menu grilled to perfection will be served on a hot Granite platter which ensures that your favourite Steak remains warm throughout your meal. This will also be a truly be a unique dining experience and is guaranteed to have you raving about it for time to come.

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