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Karu opens what Anu opened
By Shelani Perera
Plans by the Ceylon Electricity Board to ceremonially commission two power stations that have already been commissioned have been hit by a bolt of criticism over the staggering cost of the ceremonies.

The Sunday Times learns that the ceremonies to commission the projects at Kelanitissa and Veyangoda would cost about two million rupees including expenses for colour washing, commemorative plaques and refreshments for invitees.

CEB officials said the JEBIC Kelanitissa combined power plant and the Veyangoda grid sub-station would be officially commissioned by Power and Energy Minister Karu Jayasuriya on October 6 along with the Japanese ambassador.

They said the JEBIC power plant which had been commissioned two years ago was in full operation since the beginning of this year after an opening ceremony was held before the 2001 election by the then minister Anuruddha Ratwatte.

They said that Veyangoda grid sub-station which had been commissioned two years ago and was fully operational for the past year was to be ceremonially commissioned on October 1.

Responding to the criticism, CEB Chairman S. Zubair said that both these projects though being operational for some time, had only now completed all the test runs and were ready for the full and official commissioning.

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