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Add it all up

1 a0 b5 c10
2 a10 b0 c5
3 a0 b10 c5
4 a10 b5 c0
5 a5 b0 c10
6 a0 b5 c10
7 a5 b10 c0
8 a10 b5 c0
9 a0 b5 c10
10 a0 b10 c5

Afraid of the dark?
Are you a cool customer- or a scaredy cat?

1. Your partner suggests a Friday night in - with a horror film on the television. What do you do?

(a) Spend the evening upstairs catching up on the ironing
(b) Leap into his/her arms during the frightening bits
(c) Watch the film if you feel like it - but you won’t be scared

2. A black cat crosses your path on the way to work. Is it

(a) Cute
(b) A reason to go back home and spend the day avoiding bad luck
(c) A bit of a worry

3. Your friend creeps up behind you and says ‘boo!’ Do you

(a) Jump four feet off the ground screaming
(b) Whip round and say ‘boo’ back a lot more loudly
(c) Jump a bit, but laugh it off

4. How do you feel on fairground rides?

(a) Calm
(b) Excited
(c) Terrified

5. You are airborne, and there is some turbulence. What do you do?

(a) Buckle your seat belt and listen for announcements
(b) Start drawing up your will on the back of an envelope
(c) Carry on reading

6. You hear a strange noise in the middle of the night. What do you do?

(a) Wake your partner and insist they check the entire house
(b) Lie awake listening for a while then go back to sleep
(c) Ignore it - it’s the wind

7. You see a mysterious figure dressed in black in a local graveyard. What’s your reaction?

(a) There must be a funeral
(b) Someone’s wearing Versace
(c) It’s a ghost - no doubt about it

8. Your teenage sister starts jumping around screaming. What’s the explanation?

(a) She’s practising to join a band
(b) She probably stubbed her toe
(c) She is possessed by demons

9. Where would you rather spend the night?

(a) A detached bungalow
(b) A dignified country house
(c) A half-ruined castle

10. You are invited to visit a cave in which dwells a most interesting colony of bats. What do you do?

(a) Run away screaming
(b) Accept with pleasure
(c) Accept with some caution

Now check your score
66-100: You are a real cool cat. Nothing can shake you. You have a rational mind, and can think of a perfectly good explanation for everything. A horror film leaves you cold - you can’t understand what all the fuss is about. And as for Halloween, it’s nothing but a way for pumpkin farmers to make money.

36-65: You are relatively cool, calm and collected - but you can be stirred, even if you can’t be shaken. You take a cautious approach to life, and don’t like taking risks. You are prepared to admit that all might not be what it seems, but you prefer to figure out a rational explanation for anything mysterious.

0-35: You are a card-carrying scaredy cat. Everything out of the ordinary or that you don’t immediately understand must be something quite terrifying. Try counting to ten before you scream - it will give you time to realize there is a totally rational explanation to everything - or nearly everything... Asia Features

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