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Crisis with Russia: A James Bond thriller

Britain’s war-time Prime Minister had some memorable words to describe Russia – “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” he called it. “However, there is a key. The key is Russia’s national interest,” he added. The latest tea vs. asbestos fiasco between Sri Lanka and Russia epitomises this…



Mangers made with love

Mangers made with love

While many are out celebrating the Christmas season, he has been working till 10 or 11 every night, adding finishing touches to the face of a statue of…

In tsunami-hit Komari, he found purpose in life

When Frank Seevaratnam left Sri Lanka for Canada in 1975—a wife, a daughter and three pounds ten in his pocket—he did not plan to ever return. It was…

Ask yourself: How do you want to celebrate this Christmas?

As the song goes, maybe we did some wild and meaningless things last Christmas.  But, if we want, we can make this Christmas last a lifetime in our…

That message of hope

That message of hope

When we begin the Christmas season, we experience the joy of Christmas through nature. We see the preparations, hear the carols and though the majority of Sri Lankans…

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LG elections and making a healthier Colombo

LG elections and making a healthier Colombo

With the Local Government election round the corner it gives the citizens an opportunity to elect…

A simple thank you to our mum

The birth and life of Jesus retold

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Making spirits  bright this season

Making spirits bright this season

We are all familiar with poinsettias, if only through the Christmas ornaments which can be found…

Ariana Grande working on new album

Gift ideas for all the ladies this Christmas

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Funday Times

The Christmas List

The Christmas List

Gihan was sitting quietly at the table doing something. His grandmother went near him and saw…

Kids Essays

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