The colours red and green have started to appear slowly on every door, window and corner you look. Where ever you go the seasonal vibe seems to find you. It’s a fun and festive season for everyone as the new year also coincides at the same time. Along with the festivities we find ourselves in [...]


Gift ideas for all the ladies this Christmas


The colours red and green have started to appear slowly on every door, window and corner you look. Where ever you go the seasonal vibe seems to find you. It’s a fun and festive season for everyone as the new year also coincides at the same time. Along with the festivities we find ourselves in a constant state of restlessness, due to the never ending shopping lists. So this month’s article is about helping out with gift ideas for the ladies.

This is not your average woman, who follows the rules, she loves trying new trends as they hit the fashion runway. She loves to be the first to experiment with new styles and be the pioneer in introducing her friends to new looks.

The look: The uniqueness in this look is the fabric in the back of the top being much longer than the front of the top, giving it an asymmetric “Tail” look. Adding more flare to the already ‘trendy’ top is the two tone printed and plain fabric at the front and back of the top. Its colour is also quite striking and very well suited for the season.

How to wear it: Since the main feature of the top is the ‘tail’ the best option for a bottom would only be a pair of pants or a legging. Pairing it with a brown pant, brown shoes and a red box handbag as shown creates an edgy & contemporary look that a trend setter definitely would aspire to.

Other gift ideas: Tickets to a fashion show, trending accessories


Then there are those who savor artistic details on practically anything. They tend to appreciate aesthetics much more than your average woman.

 The look: The emboss detail on the fabric adds a more glamorous feel to the look. The silver button on the sleeves also have a design carved on them to maintain a regal vibe andfeel.

 How to wear it: Both the front and back of the top is shaped a little longer in the center. As a result wearing leggings or even pants, would be well suited as it would showcase this detail well. Lighter shaded pants like a white would be ideal to maintain balance in the look, as the top does have a touch of gothic feel about it. But it would even work with a skirt tucked in with a grand necklace to accentuate the look.

 Other gift ideas: Accessories with artistic details, vintage items/ ornaments for the home or desk


These ladies are mostly working women in a corporate setting with frequent client meetings, presentations and lots to do.

 The look: The highlight of this look is the elegant “Lace embroidery” on the shoulder. This detail adds a touch of elegance to balance the look. The color red works well with the season. The three quarter sleeve seals the deal as a ‘work appropriate’ blouse.

 How to wear it: A black pencil skirt would be the best option, as it maintains a professional look while accentuating the ‘feminine’ side. It could even be worn with a printed pant/ skirt to mix it up a bit. It’s also best to tie the hair up, to showcase the elegant embroidery work on the top.

 Other gift ideas: Handbags suited for work clothes, voucher for stationery, books related to her work, ornament for her desk.


This lady is the type who is not afraid to explore the sensual side. She could effortlessly look “alluring” at any occasion with almost any piece of clothing.

 The look: The vibrant color itself is a feature of its own. The Chinese collar exposes the neckline, which also gives the perfect opportunity to wear a simple chain, rather than the usual shirt collar which covers the neckline.

 How to wear it: Pencil skirt has always been one of the feminine pieces of clothing. So pairing it with one while tucking it would be the top styling option for this top. If you would want to go the extra mile pairing it with red heels with an elegant clutch.

 Other gift ideas: Make up set, perfume, salon voucher


This is more for a lady like, feminine, conservative, simple woman who enjoys delicate and simple dress styles. Most of her outfits would be pastel light shaded with delicate pretty prints.

 The look: The pretty peach print, even though subtle is definitely the feature of the top. It also has a pleat detail along the neckline which adds just the right amount of flare while maintaining the simple and feminine look. The box pleat peach maxi dress also is another elegant and simple piece which this type of woman would definitely adore. Its’ tasteful neckline and bow detail adds more grace to the look.

 How to wear it: The top could be worn with either pant or skirt. But if you would add more femininity to it, then skirt would be the answer. The hair would best be suited to be tied, as the neckline carries a subtle but elegant detail. With regard to the maxi, nude make up and hair tied up would be well suited to maintain its’ graceful look.

 Other gift ideas: voucher for a book store, tickets to a movie


We all know the live wires who bring the party with them. When she arrives, the party begins. She enjoys going out with friends and family. She is the more outgoing, carefree girl who loves dressing up, her unique looks steal the show every time.

 The look: This accentuates the ‘hour glass’ figure and the frills cover the the waist area while creating the sensual curves around them. The delicate asymmetric floral print adds a touch of uniqueness to the look.

How to wear it: Peplum tops works well with either skirt or pants, while creating the sensual curve effect. This top is the perfect opportunity to try the ‘white on white’ look we all love but dread. However, try tying the hair up as you trythe “white on white” look, as it might tip the balance of the outfit.

 Other gift ideas: Statement necklace, voucher for manicure, makeup set


Last but not least for the women who don’t shy away from bold prints

 The look: The bold green & black leaves print on this piece is definitely the main feature. The prints also gives a relaxed vibe like you’re on holiday or brunch with a friend. The structure of the top is quite loose fitted, which works well with the soft chiffon fabric.

 How to wear it: It would be quite fearless to try a pair of green pants to compliment the look. But the risk pays off, as shown in the picture.

 Other gift ideas: Bold printed handbags or shoes


The writer of this column is a young entrepreneur and fashion designer at the clothing store Butterfly Apparel. She is also the co-owner of the store along with her husband Yasok Nagarajah. You can follow them on  or find their store at THE SOUQ, No. 23, Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 03.


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