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A matter of ‘commissions’ and omissions

The Budget vote for independent commissions in Parliament earlier this month has led to Sri Lanka’s new Right to Information (RTI) Commission finally getting its own fund to the relief of the anxious people who have been ceaselessly bombarding the Commission with information requests. The RTI Act required the Fund…



Hopeful transformation

Hopeful transformation

Heart-wrenching sights meet the eye – men, women and children of all ages, walking in or being wheeled in slowly. Heads shaven, some are wearing face masks while…

Preserving Colombo’s heritage amidst a changing skyline

Ever get the sense that the city of your childhood has changed beyond recognition? That building you knew and loved that just one day vanished into a pile…

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

2 lessons on facing national exams from  Sri Lanka and South Korea GCE (O/L) and (A/L) students who face these competitive exams undergo a lot of physical as…



The great human being that he was RAJAN YATAWARA Circa 1977, Barnes Place – someone was plinking the melody of ‘Amazing Grace’ with one finger on his sister’s…

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iflix Sri Lanka opens  new office in Colombo

iflix Sri Lanka opens new office in Colombo

iflix, the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets, opened the doors to its new office…

Winter Wonderland by SOSL

‘Golden Hits with Annesley’

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Funday Times

The conditions of Colombo Fort

The conditions of Colombo Fort

  Although about 3,000 soldiers were needed to guard the fort there were only about 500…

Kids Essays

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