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Alleged war crimes and legal aid

Soldiers brought before the proposed ‘war crimes tribunal’ will be defended by the State and pardoned before a council of religious leaders, the Sunday Times reported on its front page last week. The story created a buzz about how the Government will handle the ‘hot potato’ of accountability for the…



A time for honour and reflection

A time for honour and reflection

On Tuesday last week Anne Ranasinghe received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the highest tribute the nation can pay to individuals. An ornate…

From orphan of the Empire to Admiral of the Fleet

Discrimination can take many forms. Surprising as it may seem, children of British parents born in Ceylon during colonial times were not looked upon with favour by Britons…

Not an uncommon problem: Thalassaemia in Sri Lanka

Not an uncommon problem: Thalassaemia in Sri Lanka

Thalassaemia is not necessarily a household word to many people in Sri Lanka. But this disease is, in fact, an important health problem in this country. Thalassaemia is…

A vintage affair

A vintage affair

Tucked in amongst the many knick-knacks in Imran Saibo’s office there’s a book titled ‘Event Planning for Dummies’. We’re amused, because Saibo is the last person you would…

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The all-important Thyroid

The all-important Thyroid

As if it has alighted in front of the windpipe just below the Adam’s apple under…

Cherimoya: tastiness goes hand in hand with goodness

Normal is very much worth saving

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Colombo Oktoberfest 2015 : Grand Bavarian celebration

Colombo Oktoberfest 2015 : Grand Bavarian celebration

The Paradise Beach of Mount Lavinia Hotel came alive with a gala celebration of all things…

The symphony of love

‘Around The World in 25 Years’

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Funday Times

Kids world

Kids world

The day I met a princess It was a sunny day. I went to the library…

Spark 2015

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