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Kerry visit marks revival of US-SL ties

US Secretary of State John Kerry leaves Sri Lanka today after an overnighter. It is the first official -dedicated – visit by so senior a US diplomat since William P. Rodgers came, back in 1974. Colin Powell visited along with two ex-US Presidents in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami,…



A timely Vesak gift  carved out of rock

A timely Vesak gift carved out of rock

It was March 2001. Ven. Egodamulle Amaramoli Thera recalled how a young boy rushed to his village temple, enraged about the destruction of the Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan…

Don’t let the dazzle blind you

The Vesak festival has developed into a dazzling pageant. Giant pandals highlight events of the Buddha’s Life and His previous Births while colourful lanterns and decorations illuminate the…



The Govt. must act resolutely against law-breaking political mobs When university students with grievances resort to peaceful demonstrations after their attempts to discuss with the unreasonably stubborn university…


S.H.M. JAMEEL He led a well-accomplished and illustrious life If life is about making meaning of it, as someone said, you calibrate your life to be of service to…

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One week on, quake-hit Nepal ends search for survivors

One week on, quake-hit Nepal ends search for survivors

KATHMANDU, May 2, (AFP) – Nepal today ruled out the possibility of finding more survivors buried…

Lankan grad developing oil spill solution

US public service award for Fazana

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New Year Flames

New Year Flames

Vidura College celebrated their 10th Scout Anniversary recently. Pix by M. A. Pushpa Kumara…

Lending a helping hand towards the education of Girls and Boys

Kids world

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