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Poson reflections: Save our heritage

Week after week, the country’s archaeological sites, our national heritage, are ransacked by organised gangs. Treasure hunters in Sri Lanka no longer waste their time furtively chipping away at ancient monuments with rudimentary implements. They hire large, conspicuous, backhoes. They also bring a kattadiya who conducts rituals to appease the…



Little known  Thai temple with a long history

Little known Thai temple with a long history

Duvindi Illankoon and Shaveen Jeewandara discover why Thai Royalty and dignitaries pay homage to the Dipaduttamaramaya temple in Kotahena Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra’s visit to Sri Lanka a…

Letters to the editor

Redraw provincial boundaries The election to the Northern Provincial Council is to be held soon and parties are gearing for it. The Provincial Council was a concept of…


Gentlest of human beings lost to a suicide bomber in Peshawar Zafar Khanzada As a college student and subsequently an undergrad, I look back on the friendships and…

Aye, aye mate!

Aye, aye mate!

As two young female graduates break new ground at the Sri Lanka Ports Authority Operational Division where till now women were restricted to office activities, Namini Wijedasa reports…

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“Americans In China”

“Americans In China”

A model presents a creation by Marchesa at “Americans In China” fashion show, presenting the creations…

Al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine confused with Esquire at Guantanamo hearing

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